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January 2004

Librarians’ Choice 2003 · Nonfiction

the cover of The Substance of Style by Virginia Postrel

The Substance of Style: How the Rise of Aesthetic Value is Remaking Commerce, Culture, and Consciousness
Virginia Postrel
111.85 P858 2003
Substance and style have merged. Modern consumers demand stylish and functional products, whether fashionable, domestic, or technological.

Morningstar Guide To Mutual Funds: 5-star Strategies For Success
Christine Benz
332.6327 B479 2003
From the well-known global investment research firm comes this useful guidebook to managing fund investments, inside or outside a 401(k). The text and accompanying charts are presented in typical Morningstar fashion: concise, accurate, and focused.

American Oil Diplomacy in the Persian Gulf and the Caspian Sea
Gawdat Bahgat
333.823097 B151 2003
In addition to offering readers a simple, clear analysis of U.S. energy policy, Bahgat examines the political, economic, and logistical obstacles of securing oil from the Persian Gulf and Caspian Sea. Published just after the start of the 2003 war with Iraq, this book provides a valuable foundation for understanding current events in the region.

the cover of The Devil in the White City by Erik Larson

The Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed America
Erik Larson
364.152309 M944ZL 2003
Larson explores the bizarre connection between two historical figures: the man responsible for the construction of the 1893 Chicago World’s Fair, and the serial killer who built a torture palace near the exhibition grounds. An ineffable juxtaposition of progress and terror.

The Duchess Who Wouldn’t Sit Down: An Informal History of Hospitality
Jesse Browner
395.309 B884 2003
Scattered throughout this witty and lighthearted examination of hospitality through the ages are fascinating anecdotes about the entertaining successes and failures of historical figures such as Gertrude Stein, Adolf Hitler, Louis IV, Nero, and James Audubon.

The Meaning of Everything: The Story of the Oxford English Dictionary
Simon Winchester
423 O98Zw2 2003
In this celebration of the English language, Winchester explores the fascinating story of the 70-year journey to produce the grandfather of all dictionaries. Woven through his narrative are portraits of the many brilliant and eccentric characters who devoted their lives to the Oxford English Dictionary.

the cover of The Scientists by John Gribbin

The Scientists: A History of Science Told through the Lives of its Greatest Inventors
John Gribbin
509.22 G438 2002
Philosophers, eccentrics, and pioneers populate this riveting examination of the development of modern science. From visionaries of the Renaissance to those of modern times, this book covers the geniuses who have contributed to the advancement of Western science.

Almost Heaven: The Story of Women in Space
Bettyann Kevles
629.450092 K43 2003
This meticulously documented history chronicles the struggles of women astronauts and the obstacles they had to overcome. It covers the journeys of international women astronauts, from the first American candidates in the 1950s, to the historic flight of Sally Ride in 1983, and finally the Columbia Shuttle disaster of 2003. A must read for anyone interested in space.

Hotpots: Treasured Recipes From Friends of the Cincinnati Flower Show
641.597717 H832 2003
This lavishly illustrated cookbook is full of wonderful recipes from national and local celebrities, chefs, and friends and supporters of the Cincinnati Flower Show. An added bonus is the inclusion of pictures of the “Flower Power” public art project sponsored by the Cincinnati Horticultural Society. For cooking and gardening fans.

the cover of Buck Up, Suck Up...And Come Back When You Foul Up by James Carville and Paul Begala

Buck Up, Suck Up...And Come Back When You Foul Up (12 Winning Secrets From The War Room)
James Carville and Paul Begala
650.1 C331 2002
Democratic political consultants Carville and Begala, the masterminds behind numerous successful political campaigns (most notably, the presidential campaigns of Bill Clinton) discuss the twelve rules that served them well, and offer tips on using these strategies for success in business and everyday life.

Trading Spaces: Behind the Scenes
747 qT763Zt 2003
Attention Trading Spaces groupies! This entertaining, gossipy book offers readers personality profiles, production details, and decorating and design tips.

Ticket to Ride: Inside the Beatles’ 1964 Tour that Changed the World
Larry Kane
782.42166 B369Zka 2003
In 1964, twenty-one-year-old broadcast journalist Larry Kane accompanied the Beatles on their first North American tour. Drawing on his notes and tapes from that time, Kane recreates the amazing experience in vivid detail, and offers readers a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at Beatlemania. A CD of interviews with George, Paul, John, and Ringo accompanies the book.

the cover of Kate Remembered by A. Scott Berg

Kate Remembered
A. Scott Berg
791.43028 H529Zb 2003
Published posthumously, this book offers a moving portrait of the 20-year friendship between the author and Katherine Hepburn. An intimate look at her personal life and career.

A Patriot’s Handbook: Songs, Poems, Stories, and Speeches Celebrating the Land We Love
Caroline Kennedy, Editor
810.80358 P314 2003
In assembling the selections in this anthology, Kennedy drew upon the work of icons of American history in the fields of literature, music, law, and government. A richly varied tapestry of Americana.

The Subject Tonight Is Love: 60 Wild and Sweet Poems of Hafiz
Daniel Ladinsky, Translator and Editor
891.5511 H189sE 2003
Fourteenth-century mystic and spiritual teacher Hafiz, remains the most beloved poet of Persians. His songs of divine love are as vibrant today as they were during his lifetime. Introduced to the Western world by Johann von Goethe, Hafiz’ poetry influenced Ralph Waldo Emerson, Nietzsche, Arthur Conan Doyle, Garcia Lorca, Johannes Brahms, and Queen Victoria.

the cover of A Royal Duty by Paul Burrell

A Royal Duty
Paul Burrell
941.085092 D538Zbu 2003
A former employee of the Royal Family and one of Diana’s closest confidants, draws from their correspondence and private conversations to shed new light on the life and death of the Princess of Wales. An intimate and endearing portrait of one of England’s most beloved public figures.

War Hospital: A True Story of Surgery and Survival
Sheri Fink
949.703 F499 2003
Fink recounts the gripping story of physicians trapped along with thousands of men, women, and children, in the besieged enclave of Srebrenica during the 1992 Bosnian War. Drawing on interviews and surviving documents, Fink conveys the horror and inspiration of the experience of practicing medicine in the middle of a war zone.

An Unfinished Life: John F. Kennedy, 1917–1963
Robert Dallek
973.922092 K35Zdal 2003
In this comprehensive biography of John F. Kennedy, Dallek utilizes previously unavailable medical and personal records to examine the president’s personal demons, public service, and assassination. Described by Publisher’s Weekly magazine as a “riveting tour de force.”