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April 2004

Audio Poetry · History and Criticism & Biographies

History and Criticism

Fear and the Muse: Anna Akhmatovah
C 20864

A Gathering of Men (Robert Bly)
Bill D. Moyers
C 11606

How to Read and Understand Poetry
Willard Spiegelman
C 25923

The Iliad of Homer
Elizabeth Vandiver
C 26161

Into the Deeper Pools
Lawrence Ferlinghetti
C 13270

The Language of Life
Bill D. Moyers
C 18788

The Odyssey of Homer
Elizabeth Vandiver
C 28061

Poetry: A Basic Course
Allen R. Grossman

Poetry of Paradise (William Blake)
Thomas Merton
C 10011


Mary Karr
C 25424
CDW 614

A Maddening Space: Joseph Brodsky
C 20868

Robert Frost
Jeffrey Meyers
C 21658

Soldier: A Poet’s Childhood
June Jordan
C 26774

T.S. Eliot
Peter Ackroyd
C 22589