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April 2004

Children’s Poetry

Lullaby Moons and a Silver Spoon

Paul Revere’s Ride
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
j811.3 R452ZL4 2003
An illustrated version of Longfellow’s classic poem about Paul Revere. Art by Monica Vachula.

Paul Revere’s Ride: The Landlord’s Tale
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
j811.3 R452ZL5 2003
An illustrated version of Longfellow’s classic poem about Paul Revere. Art by Charles Santore.

Lullaby Moons and a Silver Spoon
j811.008033 qL955 2003
A collection of more than twenty lullabies and poems by various authors, from traditional to modern.

Grandad’s Tree: Poems about Families
j811.508035 qG751 2003
Poets in this collection about families includes Arnold Adoff, Eloise Greenfield, Christina Rossetti, Carl Sandburg, Judith Viorst, and many more.

Put Your Eyes up Here and Other School Poems
Kalli Dakos
j811.54 D135p 2003
A collection of humorous and poignant poems chronicling the school year in Ms. Roy’s fourth-grade class.

In the Spin of Things: Poetry of Motion
Rebecca Kai Dotlich
j811.54 qD7251j 2003
Original poems about spinning objects both natural and man-made, including leaves, wind, a carousel, and a washing machine.

By Definition: Poems of Feelings
Sara Holbrook
j811.54 H724b 2003
Poems for adolescents and teenagers that touch upon issues such as love, disappointment, honesty, and maturity.

The Ancestors Are Singing
Tony Johnston
j811.54 J73a 2003
A collection of poems reflecting the culture, customs, daily life, and history of Mexico.

Blues Journey
Walter Dean Myers
j811.54 M9962b 2003
The writer explores the poetry of the blues with words and the artist, Christopher Myers, responds with his own blue/brown riffs.

Here’s What You Do When You Can’t Find Your Shoe
Andrea Perry
j811.54 fP462 2003
Short poems describe crazy inventions, like footsie floss, an upside-down lens for bats, and a super spider spotter for Miss Muffet.

Earthshake: Poems from the Ground Up
Lisa Westberg Peters
j811.54 qP482 2003
Presents twenty-two poems about geology. End notes provide information about the Earth’s surface and interior, types of rocks, and how volcanoes, glaciers, and erosion modify the landscape.

Amazing Apples
Consie Powell
j811.54 qP882 2003
Simple poems in acrostic form describe an apple orchard through the seasons, as well as the activities of the family that tends the orchard. Includes a page of notes about apples.

Because I Could Not Stop My Bike and Other Poems

Because I Could Not Stop My Bike and Other Poems
Karen Jo Shapiro
j811.54 qS5295b 2003
A collection of light-hearted parodies written in the style of such well-known poets as Emily Dickinson, Robert Burns, Christina Rosetti, Joyce Kilmer, and William Shakespeare.

Almost Late to School and More School Poems
Carol Diggory Shields
j811.54 qS555al 2003
A collection of humorous poems about school.

Rhyolite: The True Story of a Ghost Town
Diane Siebert
j811.54 qS571r 2003
A poem describing the rise and fall of Rhyolite, a town in the desert of southwestern Nevada, which grew from one gold claim to a town of 10,000 people, and was deserted a few years later.

Fireflies at Midnight
Marilyn Singer
j811.54 S617fi 2003
Throughout a single day, animals and insects celebrate their ordinary and extraordinary lives.

Hoop Queens
Charles R. Smith Jr.
j811.54 fS6442h 2003
A collection of twelve poems that celebrate contemporary women basketball stars, including Yolanda Griffith, Chamique Holdsclaw, and Natalie Williams.

The Blood-Hungry Spleen and Other Poems about Our Parts
Allan Wolf
j811.54 qW8531b 2003
More than three dozen poems describe individual parts of the body and what they do for us.

Dear World
Takayo Noda
j811.6 qN761d 2003
Written as children’s poetic notes to the Earth and its inhabitants.