The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County
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April 2004

Poetry Videos

Coal Black Voices

Art in the Struggle for Freedom
VHS 12337

VHS 3491

Coal Black Voices
VHS 12622

Elko: The Cowboy Gathering
VHS 6389

Furious Flower: Conversations with African American Poets
VHS 10511

Journey through Life: Edna St. Vincent Millay
VHS 13365

Lannan Literary Series
VHS 10147
Dozens of poets are included in this set.

Modern American Poetry
VHS 2137

Poetry in Motion
VHS 1679

VHS 9902

Sounds of Poetry with Bill Moyers
VHS 10188

Voices & Visions
VHS 1752
Robert Frost v. 1
Ezra Pound v. 2
Langston Hughes v. 3
Walt Whitman v. 4
Hart Crane v. 5
William Carlos Williams v. 6
Emily Dickinson v. 7
Marianne Moore v. 8
T.S. Eliot v. 9
Wallace Stevens v.10
Elizabeth Bishop v.11
Robert Lowell v.12
Sylvia Plath v.13

We Listen to the Water: Ohio River Voices
VHS 5182