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January 2005

Librarians’ Choice 2004 · Magazines

American Muslim
The goal of this magazine is to “provide a balanced, objective, and comprehensive discussion of issues of concern to the American Muslim community.”

AmericanStyle: Art, Craft, Travel, Interior Design
The magazine that rated Cincinnati number five in the top twenty-five arts cities is a great source for artists and art lovers.

Blueprint: The New Democrat: Ideas for a New Century
A magazine published by the Democratic Leadership Council discusses issues from the Democratic perspective.

Check out this teen magazine for the latest celebrity gossip and fashion.

HeartLand Boating: Mid-America’s Premier Boating Magazine
As the title implies, this is a magazine for the river and lake boating enthusiast, with advice on everything from equipment to places to go.

A magazine on beauty, fashion, and social issues for the Latina woman.

Maritime: Life and Traditions
This journal is an elegantly illustrated quarterly that celebrates maritime cultural history, art, fishing, crafts, news and events.

Show People: The Theater Lifestyle Magazine
Anyone who is passionate about live theater will enjoy this magazine. It previews exciting new shows and stars with a behind-the-scenes look at how it all comes together.

Supreme Court Debates
This publication discusses the pros and cons of the debates before the Supreme Court on decisions that affect us all.

Tracks: Music Built to Last
Tracks “celebrates music new and old, familiar and unfamiliar” with substance and depth.

Advice for the female traveler about both close-to-home and exotic adventures.