The Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County
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March 2006

Artist Resource Guide: Books and Web Resources for the Working Artist

Mental blocks, creative slumps, the challenges of new materials…making art can be tough. We can’t help you through a creative slump or create the next “great american painting,” however, we can help you focus on the business end of making art. So, paint; sculpt; draw; and when it’s time to prepare a portfolio, think about taxes, or host a studio event, take a look at some of these helpful resources to give you a good start.

Cincinnati Artist File

Have you exhibited at a local gallery? Had your work featured in a newspaper or magazine article? Had your work placed in a local building?

If so, we’d like to include information (clippings, announcements, press releases, photographs, etc.) about you in our Cincinnati Artist File. For details, contact us by phone (513-369-6905) or email.