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cover image of Hold Tight, Don't Let Go

Hold Tight, Don't Let Go

Laura Rose Wagner

Wagner’s inspiration for her first novel came while living in Haiti. There she survived the massive earthquake of 2010 and witnessed first-hand the devastation. In her story, cousins Magdalie and Nadine, both 15, live together and are closer than sisters. Although they survive the earthquake, both girls must endure the loss of Nadine’s mother, their home and their school. In the aftermath, Nadine moves to Miami to live with her father, while Magdalie must remain behind in a refugee camp. She endures heartbreaking challenges but never gives up hope that Nadine will one day send for her.

cover image of Vivian Apple at the End of the World

Vivian Apple at the End of the World

Katie Coyle

In Coyle’s debut, 17-year-old Vivian Apple is a level-headed straight-A student who, unlike her parents, never believed in the Church of America or the impending Rapture. So she is shocked when thousands of followers, including her parents, mysteriously vanish. After receiving a strange phone call from California, Vivian wonders if her parents may still be alive and sets off on a road trip across the country to find them. She is joined by her best friend Harp and Peter, who seems to know more about the Church’s inner workings than he's letting on.

cover image of X


Ilyasah Shabazz / Kekla Magoon

Teaming with veteran author Magoon, the third daughter of Malcolm X draws upon history and family stories to create a novel about her father's formative years between 1930 and 1948. Born Malcolm Little, he endured the hard times of the Great Depression, the murder of his father and the mental breakdown of his mother. Malcolm escaped to Boston and Harlem for a fresh start, but he soon found himself in trouble and imprisoned for theft. While in jail, he reinvented himself and became a reader, converted to Islam, changed his name and went on to make a positive difference in the world.

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