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P.S. I Like You

Kasie West

West (The Fill In Boyfriend, 2015) returns with a swoon-worthy story of love showing up when you least expect it. Bored with her chemistry class, aspiring songwriter Lily Abbott scribbles some of her favorite song lyrics on her desk. The next day she’s surprised that someone has replied and is even more surprised when the correspondence continues. As the two share secrets and bond over a mutual interest in indie music, Lily realizes that she’s falling for her pen pal. Only who is he? As she narrows down the possibilities, Lily secretly hopes the notes are from Lucas, a boy she has had her eye on for some time. So when she discovers the writer's identity, Lily is shocked because he’s the last person she'd ever fall in love with. Will her prejudices keep Lilly from at last finding happiness?

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Martin Stewart

Stewart’s first novel draws upon folklore to create an action-packed fantasy world set on the fictional shores of the treacherous Danék River. For generations, the river has been tended by the Fobisher family who have kept it free of hazards and recovered corpses from its bleak depths. As Wulliam approaches his 16th birthday, he knows the time has come for him to inherit the grim position of Riverkeep from his father. Unlike the other men in his family, Wull dreads the job. But then the unthinkable happens and his father is attacked by a watery parasite that slowly eats its victims from the inside out. When he hears that a cure lurks in the belly of an enormous sea monster, Wull embarks on a dangerous journey to find the creature. Along the way he collects a motley group of traveling companions, faces death, and finds courage he never knew he possessed.

cover image of Signs of You

Signs of You

Emily France

In her debut novel, France blends the supernatural and the spiritual in her entertaining mystery. It’s been two years since Riley Strout lost her mother and while it's not getting any easier, she has received friendship and support from the members of her after-school counseling program. Riley, along with Jay, Kate and Noah understand each other’s pain and share a bond so deep that they are more like family than friends. When Riley thinks she sees her dead mother in the supermarket, she's convinced she's losing her mind. Then Kate and Jay both confess to seeing their dead loved ones too. Riley suspects their visions may have something to do with the ancient Saint Ignatius cross, a relic belonging to Jay’s late father. When Noah goes missing, the others discover he's been researching the history of the cross and its mysterious connection to the afterlife.

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