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The Agency: Rivals in the City

Y. S. Lee

Intrigue, romance and the rich details of Victorian life are the focus in the fourth installment of Lee’s mystery series featuring the female detective, Mary Quinn. Although she is starting a detective agency with her fiance, James Easton, the Agency, where she learned her trade has asked Mary to take on one last case. She accepts the dangerous assignment to track a ruthless criminal who holds a deadly grudge against James. Meanwhile, a familiar Chinese prizefighter arrives in London and he may have some information about Mary's father.

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Breaking Sky

Cori McCarthy

In McCarthy’s (The Color of Rain, 2013) high-flying thriller, it is 2048 and America is locked in a cold war. The country’s only hope for ending the conflict rests with the elite teen fighter pilots of the United Star Academy. Despite her checkered past, Chase Harcourt, call sign "Nyx," is one of only two pilots chosen to fly an experimental "Streaker" jet which can knock the enemy out of the sky. On a training mission, she spots a third prototype with enemy markings that she didn't know existed. Chace has no choice but to prove that a third plane is out there, even if it means breaking every rule in the book.

cover image of Prairie Fire

Prairie Fire

E. K. Johnston

This follow-up to Johnston’s acclaimed The Story of Owen (2014) is a heroic saga that finds the dragon slayer in training serving his time in the Oil Watch. During the four years he is required to serve, Owen will work with the support team who will help him fight dragons around the world. His best friend, Siobhan, enlists too, but she is less certain of her role since there hasn’t been a bard in the Oil Watch for a very long time. Grueling practice gradually forms their team into a tough fighting unit. But are they prepared to face off against the biggest, deadliest dragon of all?

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