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Just Friends

Tiffany Pitcock

Pitcock’s debut is a contemporary romance that shows how easily a friendship, even one built on an elaborate lie, can become so much more. Straight “A” student Jenny first meets resident bad boy Chance when she's assigned as his partner in their junior year oral communications class. She's in a panic because Chance can’t be bothered to work on their “how I spent my summer vacation" interview. When it comes time to make their presentation to the class, they try to rescue their doomed assignment by telling a clever lie that has the entire school believing they’ve been best friends forever. Suddenly Jenny is part of the “in” crowd and Chance has, for the first time, a real friend. Through it all, they hold on to what may be the biggest lie of all--they’re only “just friends.”

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Kwame Alexander/ Mary Rand Hess

From Alexander and Hess comes a novel written in poetic verse that tells the story of 17-year-old Blade Morrison, the son of a drug-addicted rock star who’s determined to find his own way in life and love. All Blade wants is to leave his father’s bad-boy reputation and his sister’s edgy lifestyle behind. He's also haunted by memories of his mother, whose death ten years ago left the family without an anchor. When his sister reveals a deeply guarded family secret, Blade is thrown into a tailspin. Seeking answers and closure, he sets out on a journey that lands him in a remote village in Ghana. There, Blade discovers a friendship he couldn’t have imagined, a people founded in family and community, and a reconciliation he never expected.

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Betsy Cornwell

At the conclusion of Cornwell's "Cinderella" retelling Mechanica (2015), heroine Nicolette is living her own fairy-tale happy ending. Since escaping from her vile stepfamily, she's become a successful inventor and dressmaker. Things are just about perfect, especially since Nicolette has almost saved enough money to buy the childhood home that houses her mother’s mechanical workshop. But the King of Esting has once again declared war on Faerie forcing Nicolette and her friends to board an airship and cross the ocean to join the Fey in bloody battle. Mechanical armies and dark magic await them as they uncover devastating secrets and fight for a real and lasting happily-ever-after for two troubled countries and for themselves.

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