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The Beautiful Lost

Luanne Rice

Rice (Secret Language of Sister, 0216) pens a riveting examination of the ravages of depression and the surprising directions our hearts can take. Ever since her mother left when Maia was only 13, she's struggled with severe depression and was briefly hospitalized after she attempted suicide. During this time, she received letters from her mother filled with loving reminders of the bond they once shared. The promise of rekindling that relationship inspires Maia to find the mother who will make everything in her life okay again. So she sets off on a road trip with her crush, Billy, a social outcast with his own family tragedy. Together they make their way up the east coast to Canada where Maia's mother is researching whales. But what will the future hold once they reach their destination?

cover image of Now I Rise

Now I Rise

Kiersten White

White’s highly anticipated sequel to And I Darken (2016) is a tale of espionage, passion, and conquest. Lada has failed to secure the Wallachian throne and she's out to punish anyone who dares to cross her blood-strewn path. She needs Radu but Mehmed has sent him to Constantinople where the Sultan has launched a brutal siege of the city in order to fulfill a promise to his god. Although Radu longs for his sister’s fierce confidence, he rejects her plea for help because he knows he owes her nothing. He wishes only to have power over Mehmed’s heart and if he fails in Constantinople, the Sultan will never forgive him. As nations collapse around them, the Dracul siblings must decide what they’re willing to sacrifice in order to fulfill their destinies and defend their god.

cover image of Two Roads from Here

Two Roads from Here

Teddy Steinkellner

Steinkellner's (Trash Can Nights, 2014) thoughtful and funny novel addresses the age old question of fate versus free will. Senior year finds five teens at a crossroads and each has the opportunity most people only dream about: to experience two parallel outcomes of their life-altering decisions. Football star Brian must decide whether or not to play in the big game with a head injury. Allegra isn't sure if she should go away to school or stay home with her sick mother. Should Cole cheat on the SATs to get into Stanford? Nikki loves her boyfriend, but isn't sure she wants to sleep with him and Wiley, who loves his best friend Allegra, is trying to work up the courage to tell her. When it’s all over will one choice be more “right” than the other?

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