Brain Camps

Brain Camps at Branches

Week-Long Brain Camp: Summer Adventure @ Brain Camp

Come explore the wonderful world all around us. We will read great stories, play fun games, experiment with science, and create themed crafts. Sessions last three hours and are designed for children entering grades 1–5.

Registration for June Brain Camps begins May 1. Registration for July Brain Camps begins June 1. Visit our event calendar or contact any Library location to register.

Brain Camp program
Date Branch
June 5-9 FULL Cheviot Branch
June 5-9 FULL Forest Park Branch
June 5-9 FULL Green Township Branch
June 5-9 FULL Westwood Branch
June 12-16 FULL College Hill Branch
June 12-16 FULL Deer Park Branch
June 12-16 FULL North Central Branch
June 12-16 FULL Oakley Branch
June 19–23 FULL Delhi Township Branch
June 19–23 FULL Madisonville Branch
June 19–23 FULL Sharonville Branch
June 19–23 FULL Walnut Hills Branch
June 26-30 FULL Blue Ash Branch
June 26-30 FULL Elmwood Place Branch
June 26-30 FULL Reading Branch
June 26-30 FULL St. Bernard Branch
July 10-14 FULL Avondale Branch
July 10-14 FULL Corryville Branch
July 10-14 FULL Greenhills Branch
July 10-14 FULL Northside Branch
Brain Camp program

July 17-21 FULL Covedale Branch
July 17-21 FULL Groesbeck Branch
July 17-21 FULL Hyde Park Branch
July 17-21 FULL West End Branch
July 24-28 FULL Mt. Healthy Branch
July 24-28 FULL Norwood Branch
July 24-28 FULL Pleasant Ridge Branch
July 24-28 FULL Price Hill Branch
July 31-Aug. 4 FULL Bond Hill Branch
July 31-Aug. 4 FULL Clifton Branch
July 31-Aug. 4 FULL Monfort Heights Branch
July 31-Aug. 4 FULL Wyoming Branch

Mini Brain Camp: Coding with Ozobots

Learn the basics of coding with Ozobots, tiny robots you can command through simple codes! Sessions last two hours and are designed for children entering grades 1–5. Registration is required. Visit our event calendar or contact any Library location to sign up.

Brain Camps at Main Library

Expand your mind in creative and fun ways at one of the Main Library’s free summer Brain Camps. Registration is required. To register, call 513-369-3121.

FULL June 5-9:

Hakuna Matata! Grades 1-5

Hakuna matata, what a wonderful phrase! It means no worries, but also means plenty of fun as we explore some of our favorite Disney movies. Become curiouser and curiouser as we fall down a rabbit hole of adventures! Books, crafts, presenters, wishing stars — a world of wonder awaits you!

FULL June 12-16:

It’s a Jungle Out There! Grades 3-5

Did you know the rainforest is home to more than half of the world’s animals? We can’t promise to show you them all but you'll find out about, meet, and touch some of the most enthralling ones.

June 19-23:

The Great Book Adventure Grades 1-2

Have you met the Gruffalo? Have you had a laugh with a tall giraffe? What about that frog on a log or those parrots on carrots? Come and read some brilliant books with us and enjoy some amazing activities. Fun is guaranteed all week as you take part in the great book adventure!

FULL June 26-30:

Monstrous Monsters & Crazy Creatures Grades 3-5

From the giant furry monster to the one-eyed little guy,
From the tiny little robot to the feathered creature in the sky,
A week of monstrous monsters and crazy creatures lies in store
For you to create and paint and draw and oh so much, much more!

FULL July 10-14:

Amazing Animals Grades 1-5

Come join us for exciting activities all week long exploring the amazing animal kingdom! Awesome presenters with live animals! Don’t miss it!

July 17-21:

Exciting Exploits Grades 6-8

Do you love a good story? Have you ever wanted to make your very own? Come to Brain Camp and join us in a creative adventure! We will laugh as we play story games, experiment with comics and film, make our own heroes, and more. Your imagination is welcome!

FULL July 24-28:

All Shook Up Grades 3-5

One small step for man, one giant leap for Brain Camp! Come and explore those dynamic decades — the fabulous 1950s, spectacular 1960s, and the super 1970s! History, music, dance, dress, crafts, there's too much fun for one week! So all you groovy third- to fifth-graders, twist, jive and disco your way to Brain Camp this week!

FULL July 31 - Aug. 4:

Sports of All Sorts Grades 1-5

Welcome to a week of fun and games at the last Brain Camp of 2017! There’ll be games galore, inside and out. Relay races, limbo dancing, and that all-time Brain Camp favorite “Fish and Chips!” You haven’t played it? Well, come and find out all about it!