Summer Learning 2014 - Summer Camp Reading

Summer Camp Reading

The Summer Learning Program is designed to support the Read On! goal of ensuring that every child is reading successfully by the end of Grade 3 by 2020. Toward that end, the Library is partnering with Summer Camp Reading to pilot targeted intervention programs in seven high-need areas. Utilizing their unique program developed locally in 2010, each site has a three-to-one child/adult ratio with four hours of literacy-based programming per day and at least thirty minutes of one-on-one tutoring each day provided by certificated reading specialists. Second grade students at risk of not reading at grade level by third grade have been identified and invited to participate in the program in consultation with teachers and administrators from schools in the community. Pre- and post-testing for each child provides data-driven instruction and measurable outcomes that will help move the child closer to reading at grade level by the end of their third grade year.