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The Rain Watcher

Place your hold on the print, eBook, or eAudiobook version of The Rain Watcher by Tatiana de Rosnay!

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Out of the Maze: An A-mazing Way to Get Unstuck

Spencer Johnson

In his long-awaited, posthumous sequel to Who Moved My Cheese? (1998), Spencer Johnson (1938-2017) once again uses a simple tale to reveal profound truths. In Who Moved My Cheese?, two mouse-sized characters named Hem and Haw were faced with unexpected change when the cheese they loved suddenly disappeared. Haw learned how to deal with that change by setting off in search of new cheese, but Hem remained stuck where he was. Out of the Maze reveals what Hem did next--and how his discoveries will help you unlock the riddle of whatever mazes you may be facing in your own life.

Out of the Maze

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