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Meet Eric Litwin, the original author of Pete the Cat

Litwin will appear at the Groesbeck and Symmes Township branches on Wednesday, Oct. 3 for four performances. Some appearances require registration.

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The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter

Hazel Gaynor

1838: Northumberland, England. Longstone Lighthouse on the Farne Islands has been Grace Darling's home for all of her 22 years. When she and her father rescue shipwreck survivors in a furious storm, Grace becomes celebrated throughout England. 1938: Newport, Rhode Island. 19-years-old and pregnant, Matilda Emmerson has been sent to stay with Harriet, a reclusive relative and lighthouse keeper, until her baby is born. As a deadly hurricane approaches, two women, living a century apart, will be linked forever by their instinctive acts of courage and love. Absorbing historical fiction from the author of The Cottingley Secret (2017).

The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter

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