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Capital Projects

While the development of the Facilities Master Plan will take all of 2019 to complete, the Library recognizes that certain facilities need major improvements now. Accessibility projects are our #1 priority, and we have already connected with the local groups, including Design Impact and FTC&H to start the planning work to re-envision the Price Hill, Walnut Hills, and Madisonville branch libraries ensuring they are accessible to everyone including those with disabilities. Structural issues at Price Hill mean that this branch will be first to undergo improvements. Work on the branch will begin in early 2020.

Price Hill - Approx: $6.6 million

The Library held its fourth community forum in Price Hill on Thursday, May 9, where the session focused on sharing the architect’s design concept for the renovated and expanded Price Hill Branch. FTC&H, the architectural firm hired to do the project, is working now through the end of June to finalize the design for the branch. The next step will be to create the architectural plans to be used for construction and to go out for bidding on the work. It’s anticipated that we’ll break ground in early 2020 and complete the project by late 2020.

Community Presentations

Design Renderings/Layouts

View from Warsaw Ave.

Walnut Hills and Madisonville

Walnut Hills and Madisonville are still in the early stages of planning, and more engagement sessions are going to occur.

Community Presentations


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