October 2013

Online Application · Downloadable-Only Card

The Downloadable-Only Card is a special card for customers 18 and older and is restricted to downloadable content only. The Downloadable-Only Card works in the following ways:

  • Allows access to the Internet and online databases.
  • Allows access to downloadable ebooks, audiobooks, magazines, and music, as well as streaming movies and TV shows.
  • Does not allow for the checkout of any physical material.

There are no fines associated with the Downloadable-Only Card. A Downloadable-Only Card will not be issued if you currently have a library card. In order to activate your Downloadable-Only Card beyond the temporary period, you must verify your identity and home address. Identification may be submitted:

  • In person at your neighborhood branch or the Main Library
  • By sending a scanned copy to the Popular Library.

Once appropriate identification is received, you will be emailed a virtual library card, which can be used immediately.