January 2003

African-American Lives on Video

Musical Heritage

Aida’s Brothers and Sisters: Black Voices in Opera VHS 11758
American Patchwork: Land Where Blues Began VHS 8831
Blues Like Showers of Rain VHS 463
Blues Masters: History of the Blues VHS 7966
Bluesland: A Portrait in American Music VHS 7654
Body and Soul (Ray Charles) VHS 1222
Call of the Jitterbug VHS 11462
Charlie Christian: Solo Flight VHS 7734
Clark Sisters VHS 11768
Darker Side of Black VHS 11463
Forty Years of MJQ VHS 8488
Freddie King VHS 12626
Gospel VHS 10004
Gotta Make This Journey: Sweet Honey In the Rock VHS 3686
Great Day in Harlem VHS 9569
Hot Pepper VHS 1286
Hurricane (Herbie Hancock Trio) VHS 8491
I Promise to Remember (Frankie Lymon) VHS 10581
Jazz (Ken Burns) VHS 11963 (10v.)
Jazz Collection VHS 8957 (10 v.)
Jazz Heroes: Monk, Ella and Dizzy VHS 13556 (3v.)
Jazz Parades: Feet Don’t Fail Me Now VHS 9484
Jessye Norman, Singer VHS 3714
John Lee Hooker & Friends VHS 7281
Jubilee Singers: Sacrifice and Glory VHS 11735
JVC Smithsonian Folkways Video of Music and Dance of Africa (3 volumes) VHS 7813
Kathleen Battle at the Metropolitan Museum VHS 10607
Leontyne Price Sings Noel VHS 2539
Legend: Bob Marley and the Wailers VHS 10887
Lightnin’ Hopkins VHS 7280
Lost Concert (The Winans) VHS 8492
Lullaby of Harlem VHS 11985
Mabel Mercer, a Singer’s Singer VHS 827
Miles in Paris VHS 3537
Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever VHS 2862
Nat King Cole: Loved in Return VHS 10007
On the Road Again: Downhome Blues, Jazz… VHS 10609
Quincy Jones: In the Pocket VHS 13449
Rap: Looking for the Perfect Beat VHS 10478
Rainbow Quest (Leadbelly) VHS 1332
Repercussions-Celebration of African-American Music VHS 2432 (4v.)
Roots of Rap VHS 11775
Rhythm of Resistance VHS 3633
Sacred Concerts (Duke Ellington) VHS 11071
Shirley Caesar VHS 11769
Sonny Rollins and Company with Jim Hall VHS 10660
That Rhythm - Those Blues VHS 2334
Thelonius Monk, American Composer VHS 9059
Tryin’ to Get Home VHS 7063
Walter Hawkins & the Hawkins Family VHS 11778
We Shall Overcome VHS 2572
Wild Women Don’t Get the Blues VHS 2570

Celebrating the Arts

Against the Odds: The Artists of Harlem VHS 5229
Alex Haley VHS 4847
Alice Walker and the Color Purple VHS 8253
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater VHS 4424
Amiri Baraka VHS 2961
Benny Andrews: The Visible Man VHS 8130
Black Shadows on a Silver Screen VHS 1295
Classified X VHS 8958
Chinua Achebe VHS 7959
Clementine Hunter: American Folk Artist VHS 6693
Coal Black Voices VHS 12622
Culture Shock VHS 10728 v.2
Duncanson’s Murals VHS 1320
Emma Amos: Action Lines VHS 8131
Faith Ringgold: The Last Quilt Story VHS 4940
Furious Flower: Conversations with African-American Poets VHS 10511
For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide (Drama) VHS 12952
Ghost of Harriet Tubman (Drama) VHS 9616
Gordon Park’s Visions VHS 3501
Howardena Pindell: Atomizing Art VHS 13533
I’ll Make Me a World VHS 9459 (6v.)
Imani (Kwanzaa) VHS 4253
James Baldwin: Price of the Ticket VHS 3292
John T. Biggers: Stories of Illumination VHS 7455
Just Doin’ It: A Tale of Two Barbershops VHS 3935
Lorraine Hansberry VHS 1607
Midnight Ramble: Early Black Films VHS 5686
Morehouse Men VHS 6924
Multicultural Peoples of North America VHS 4786 (v.1)
One Shot: The Life and Work of Teenie Harris VHS 13695
Romare Bearden: Visual Jazz VHS 6785
Richard Wright: Writing Is His Weapon VHS 11328
Similar Differences: Bettye & Alison Saar VHS 5139
That’s Black Entertainment VHS 10030
Toni Morrison Uncensored VHS 10805
Twilight Los Angeles (Drama) VHS 12275


A. Philip Randolph: For Jobs & Freedom VHS 7454
ABC News Nightline: Louis Farrakhan VHS 3163
Adam Clayton Powell VHS 3231
Alice Walker VHS 6081 v.10
Angel That Stands By Me: Minnie Evans VHS 7218
Arthur Ashe: Citizen of the World VHS 5788
Autobiography of Malcolm X VHS 11886
Benjamin E. Mays VHS 4778
Bird Now (Charlie Bird Parker) VHS 9805
Booker T. Washington VHS 4413 v.11
Can’t You Hear the Wind Howl: Robert Johnson VHS 10003
Charles Mingus: Triumph of the Underdog VHS 9056
Cissy Houston VHS 10578
Colin Powell: A Soldier’s Campaign VHS 6822
Dancing Man, Peg Leg Bates VHS 4320
Elijah Muhammad VHS 6081 v.8
Ella Fitzgerald: Something to Live For VHS 10166
First Person Singular: John Hope Franklin VHS 9489
Frederick Douglas: When the Lion Wrote History VHS 6644
George Washington Carver VHS 4413 v.1
Harriet Tubman VHS 4413 v.9
Held In Trust: The Story of Lieutenant Henry O. Flipper VHS 11804
Honoring Those Who Led the Way VHS 9615
Hoop Dreams VHS 5776
I Shall Not Be Removed (Marlon Riggs) VHS 7267
In Remembrance of Martin VHS 12763
Incredible Voyage of Bill Pinkney VHS 6624
Jack Johnson: Breaking Barriers VHS 7343
Jackie Robinson VHS 4413 v.7
James Baldwin VHS 6081 v.2
Jeni LeGon: Living in a Great Big Way VHS 11995
Jesse Jackson: I Am Somebody VHS 6228
Jesse Owens VHS 6081 v.9
Ken Saro-Wiwa: An African Martyr VHS 7960
King, a Filmed Record Montgomery to Memphis VHS 1834
Langston Hughes VHS 6081 v.7
Latin and African Americans VHS 11171
Life and Legends of Sojourner Truth VHS 12635
Madam C. J. Walker VHS 4413 v.10
Malcolm X: Make It Plain VHS 5015a(3v.)
Mandela: From Prisoner to President VHS 7961
Marcus Garvey: Look For Me In the Whirlwind VHS 12273
Martin Luther King Jr. VHS 4413 v.4
Mary McLeod Bethune VHS 6081 v.3
Matthew Henson VHS 6081 v.6
Maya Angelou VHS 9874
Me & Stella: A Film About Elizabeth Cotte VHS 7073
Michael Jordan: Air Time VHS 9286
Muhammad Ali: Skill, Brains and Guts! VHS 7342
Odyssey of Captain Healy VHS 10052
Paul Robeson: Here I Stand VHS 9845
Portraits In Black VHS 1313
Ralph Ellison: the Self-Taught Writer VHS 10689
Richard Pryor: Comic on the Edge VHS 7400
Sarah Vaughan, the Divine One VHS 9060
Satchmo: Louis Armstrong VHS 9058
Sidney Poitier: One Bright Light VHS 10138
Sugar Ray Robinson: Pound for Pound VHS 7341
Thurgood Marshall VHS 4413 v.5
Two Dollars and a Dream (C.J. Walker) VHS 3394
W.E.B. Du Bois VHS 7269
When We Were Kings VHS 7688
Winnie, Nelson Mandela VHS 1394
Wonderful World of Louis Armstrong VHS 12360
World According to John Coltrane VHS 9057

African-American History

African American Experience VHS 5932 (2v.)
African American Life (Juvenile) VHS 12844
African-Americans: Marching to Freedom VHS 12034 v.12
The Africans VHS 847 (9v.)
Africans In America VHS 8942 (4v.)
American Apartheid? VHS 9480
Amistad Revolt VHS 7733
Black American Conservatism VHS 4321
Black America’s War VHS 3934
Black Genealogy VHS 258 (3v.)
Black History: Lost, Stolen, or Strayed? VHS 894
Black Press: Soldiers Without Swords VHS 9567
Black Soldier VHS 869
Black Stars in Orbit VHS 3925
Black West VHS 3432
Bloods of ’Nam VHS 1210
Buffalo Soldiers VHS 6656
Cincinnati, a Look Back at Our City’s History VHS 93a
Civil War (Ken Burns) VHS 2728 (9v.)
Crisis: Behind a Presidential Commitment VHS 3273
Deadly Deception (Tuskegee Syphilis Study) VHS 4435
Digging for Slaves VHS 4493
Don’t Leave out the Cowboys VHS 3152
Fatal Flood VHS 12361
Firebell in the Night VHS 498 v.6
Flight to Freedom (Underground Railroad) VHS 7500
Flyers in Search of a Dream VHS 1981
Found Voices: The Slave Narratives VHS 10406
From Dreams to Reality: Minority Inventors VHS 802
From These Roots (Harlem Renaissance) VHS 3576
Gandhi-King-Ikeda: Community Builders VHS 11936
Generations of Resistance (South Africa) VHS 1389
Goin’ Back to T’town VHS 4451
Goin’ to Chicago VHS 7268
Harlem Hellfighters VHS 7570
Heritage of Slavery VHS 829
History of Slavery in the United States VHS 5131
Homecoming: Sometimes I Am Haunted By… VHS 10118
I Remember Harlem VHS 356
Jefferson’s Blood VHS 12712
John Henrik Clarke: A Great and Mighty Walk VHS 10582
Journey of the African-American Athlete VHS 8888
KKK Hate Crimes in America VHS 7490
Kings on the Hill VHS 4863
Klan: Legacy of Hate in America VHS 3282
Language You Cry In (Gullahs) VHS 10093
Liberators: Fighting on Two Fronts in WWII VHS 4728
Lynching: The Heinous Past VHS 13092
Massachusetts 54th Colored Infantry VHS 3639
Miles of Smiles, Years of Struggle VHS 1378
Mood Indigo, Blacks & Whites VHS 4105
Nightfighters VHS 6835
Oh Freedom After While VHS 10555
Only the Ball Was White VHS 6625
Passin’ It On (Black Panther Party) VHS 5299
Roots of Resistance (Underground Railroad) VHS 2640
Royal Federal Blues VHS 5351
Scandalize My Name: Stories from…Blacklist VHS 10742
Shadow of Hate VHS 5967
Son of Africa: Slave Narrative of Olaudah Equiano VHS 10117
“Then I’ll Be Free to Travel Home” (African Burial Ground) VHS 12226
Tuskegee Airmen VHS 4796
Underground Railroad VHS 12892

Race Relations & Civil Rights

After Ten Years: The Court and the Schools VHS 11604
All God’s Children VHS 9465
All Power to the People VHS 11460
America in Black and White: Racial Profiling VHS 10191
America in Black and White: Protect and Serve VHS 12820
American Love Story VHS 9813 (5v.)
An Amazing Grace VHS 3923
At the River I Stand VHS 10554
Bill of Rights, Bill of Responsibility VHS 7709
Black Is, Black Ain’t VHS 6285
Black Power, White Backlash VHS 11606
Blue Eyed VHS 7266
Bombing of West Philly VHS 1978
Civil Rights Martyrs: Free at Last VHS 10788
Civil Rights: The Long Road to Equality VHS 10060
Color Adjustment VHS 3723
Color Line On Campus VHS 11603
Color of Justice VHS 4678
Conversation on Race VHS 11803
Diffusing Racial Tension on Campus VHS 13719
Ethnic Notions VHS 2574
Eyes on the Prize, 1954-65 VHS 900 (6v.)
Eyes on the Prize, 1965-68 VHS 2657 (8v.)
Figures of the Civil Rights Movement VHS 10476
Focus Reparations VHS 12700
Four Little Girls VHS 9040
Framing an Execution VHS 13143
Freedom On My Mind VHS 7272
How Biased Are You? VHS 12714
I Have a Dream VHS 1019
In Search of a Common Destiny VHS 4379
Interracial Marriage VHS 13057
The Issue Is Race VHS 4436
Just Black? VHS 4007
Legacy of a Dream VHS 4765
Malcolm X VHS 3680
Marshall, Texas; Marshall, Texas VHS 4128
Martin Luther King: Commemorative Collection VHS 1640
Martin Luther King: Commemorative Program VHS 4471
Martin Luther King Jr.: Leading America to the Promised Land VHS 11716
Mississippi and the 15th Amendment VHS 11602
Oh Freedom After While VHS 10555
Politics of Love in Black and White VHS 10708
Question of Color VHS 9438
Race Against Prime Time VHS 2571
Race on Trial VHS 13584
Road to Brown VHS 2573
Robeson Concerts: Peekskill, NY 1949 VHS 10161
Second American Revolution VHS 1604
Segregation, Northern Style VHS 11605
Selma: The City and the Symbol VHS 13601
Speeches of Martin Luther King, Jr. VHS 1906
Strange Demise of Jim Crow VHS 10006
Struggle for Identity: Transracial Adoption VHS 9905
Tongues Untied VHS 3562
Trouble Behind VHS 3632
Two Nations of Black America VHS 8941
Understanding Race VHS 10479
Visions of Vine Street VHS 12728
Where Do We Go From Here? VHS 12829
You Got to Move: Stories of change in the South VHS 2477

Feature Films

Features are shelved alphabetically by title
Always Outnumbered, Always Outgunned VHS & DVD
America’s Dream VHS
Amistad VHS & DVD
And the Children Shall Lead VHS
Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman VHS
Baby Boy VHS & DVD
Bamboozled VHS & DVD
Band of Angels VHS
Beloved VHS & DVD
Best Man VHS & DVD
Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings VHS & DVD
Black King VHS
Boesman & Lena VHS & DVD
Bowfinger VHS & DVD
Boycott VHS & DVD
Boyz ’N the Hood VHS & DVD
Brewster Place VHS
Bring It On VHS & DVD
Brothers, The VHS & DVD
Buffalo Soldiers VHS
Cabin in the Sky VHS
Carmen Jones VHS & DVD
Charlotte Forten’s Mission VHS
Color of Friendship VHS
Color Purple VHS & DVD
Conrack VHS
Cooley High VHS & DVD
Corrina, Corrina VHS & DVD
Cotton Club VHS & DVD
Cotton Comes to Harlem VHS & DVD
Crooklyn VHS & DVD
Cry Freedom VHS & DVD
Cry the Beloved Country VHS
Daughters of the Dust VHS & DVD
Decoration Day VHS
Devil in a Blue Dress VHS & DVD
Disappearing Acts VHS & DVD
Do the Right Thing VHS & DVD
Down in the Delta VHS & DVD
Dr. Dolittle VHS & DVD
Dr. Dolittle 2 VHS & DVD
Emperor Jones VHS
Eve’s Bayou VHS & DVD
Family Thing VHS & DVD
Finding Buck McHenry VHS
Finding Forrester VHS & DVD
Five Heartbeats VHS & DVD
For Love of Ivy VHS
For Us the Living: Medgar Evers VHS
Freedom Song VHS
Get on the Bus VHS & DVD
Ghosts of Mississippi VHS & DVD
Girl in Room 20 VHS
Glory VHS & DVD
Go tell It on the Mountain VHS
Great White Hope VHS
Green Pastures VHS
Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner VHS & DVD
Harder They Come VHS & DVD
Having Our Say: The Delaney Sisters VHS
He Got Game VHS & DVD
Hi De Ho VHS
House Divided VHS
How Stella Got Her Groove Back VHS & DVD
Hurricane VHS & DVD
I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings VHS
I’m Gonna Git You Sucka VHS & DVD
Imitation of Life VHS
In the Heat of the Night VHS & DVD
Introducing Dorothy Dandridge VHS & DVD
Jackie Robinson Story VHS & DVD
Jason’s Lyric VHS & DVD
Jo Jo Dancer Your Life Is Calling VHS & DVD
John Q VHS & DVD
Josephine Baker Story VHS & DVD
Juke Joint VHS
Jumpin Jack Flash VHS
Just Another Girl on the I.R.T. VHS & DVD
Killing Floor VHS
Lady Sings the Blues VHS
Lean On Me VHS & DVD
Legend of Bagger Vance VHS & DVD
Lesson Before Dying VHS & DVD
Life VHS & DVD
Long Walk Home VHS
Love and Basketball VHS & DVD
Love Jones VHS & DVD
Lying Lips VHS
Malcolm X VHS & DVD
Men of Honor VHS & DVD
Midnight Shadow VHS
Miracle In Harlem VHS
Miss Evers’ Boys VHS & DVD
Mississippi Burning VHS & DVD
Mississippi Masala VHS
Mo’ Better Blues VHS & DVD
Monster’s Ball VHS & DVD
Moon Over Harlem VHS
Native Son VHS
Night John VHS
No Way Out VHS
Nothing but a Man VHS
Once Upon a Time When We Were Colored VHS & DVD
One False Move VHS & DVD
Oscar Micheaux’s Within These Gates VHS
Patch of Blue VHS
Piano Lesson VHS
Pinky VHS
Poetic Justice VHS & DVD
Posse VHS & DVD
Preacher’s Wife VHS & DVD
Pressure Point VHS
Purple Rain VHS & DVD
Raisin in the Sun VHS & DVD
Remember the Titans VHS & DVD
Road to Freedom: The Vernon Johns Story VHS
Roots VHS 0043 (6v.)
Rosewood VHS & DVD
Ruby Bridges VHS
Save the Last Dance VHS & DVD
Scar of Shame VHS
School Daze VHS & DVD
Secrets & Lies VHS
Selma Lord Selma VHS
Set It Off VHS & DVD
Shadows VHS
Shadrach VHS & DVD
Shaft VHS & DVD
Simple Life of Noah Dearborn VHS
Sky Is Gray (short film) VHS
Slam VHS & DVD
Soldier’s Story VHS
Soul Food VHS & DVD
Souls of Sin VHS
Sounder VHS
Sparkle VHS
Stir Crazy VHS & DVD
Stormy Weather VHS
Tic Code VHS & DVD
To Sir With Love VHS & DVD
To Sleep With Anger VHS
Uncle Tom’s Cabin VHS
Waiting to Exhale VHS & DVD
What’s Love Got To Do With It VHS & DVD
White Lies VHS & DVD
Women of Brewster Place VHS
The Wood VHS & DVD
A Woman Called Moses VHS
Zulu VHS