September 2002

Fires, Firefighting, and More

Check out these books, cassettes, and videos about fires and the people who fight them. All are available at the Main Library and selected branches from your Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County.

Stuff for Kids

Bomberos y Bomberas
Dee Ready
j628.925 qR287fS 1999

Catching Fire: The Story of Firefighting
Gene Gorrell
j363.37 G673 1999

Clifford the Firehouse Dog
Norman Bridwell

Dot the Fire Dog
Lisa Desimini

Fire Engine
Anne Rockwell

Firefighters A to Z
Chris L. Demarest

Fireman Small
Wong Herbert Yee

Flash Fire
Caroline B. Cooney
Young Adult Fiction

The Little Fire Engine
Graham Greene

Ms. Murphy Fights Fires
Alice Flanagan
j628.925 qF583 1997

My Fire Engine
Michael Rex

Bill Maynard
Young Adult Fiction

Videos & Audiobooks

Feature Film

Fire in the Heat of the Battle
Video Documentary
VHS 6428>/p>

Fires of Kuwait
Video Documentary
VHS 12546

The Rescue
Nicholas Sparks
Audiobook C 24904

Fighting Fire: A Personal Story
Caroline Paul
363.3730922 P324Zp 1998
Audiobook C23648

For Fire Professionals

Essentials of Fire Fighting
Richard Hall & Barbara Adams
628.92 E78 1998

Fire Engines, Fire Fighters
Paul C. Ditzel
363.37 qD617 1984

Fire Engineering
Magazines & Newspapers Department

Fire Inside: Firefighters Talk About Their Lives
Steve Delsohn
363.37092 F523 1996

Firefighting Strategies & Tactics
James Angle
628.925 FS232 2001

Insurance Maps of Cincinnati
Ohio Sanborn Company
History & Genealogy Department

Structural Fire Fighting
Bernard Klaene
628.925 qK63 2000

Traumatic Stress in Critical Occupations
Douglas Paton
616.8521 qP312 1996

Good Reads

Beverly Hills: The Anatomy of a Nightclub Fire
Robert G. Lawson
976.934 L425

Blacker Than a Thousand Midnights
Susan Straight

The Broken Places
Susan Perabo

Dr. Frank Field’s Get Out Alive: Save Your Family’s Life With Fire Survival Techniques
Frank Fields
628.90 F453 1992

Fire: The 100 Most Devastating Fires Throughout the Ages and the Heroes that Fought Them
Edward Goodman
363.37 fG653 2001

Fire on the Mountain
John Maclean
363.379 M163 1999

Firehouse Cooking
R. G. Adams
641.5973 A216 1993

Firemania: The Turbulent Saga of a NY Firefighter
Carl Chiarelli
363.37092 C532Zc

Heart Behind the Hero
Curt & Karen Yoder
363. 370922 H436 2000

Jumping Fire: A Smokejumper’s Memoir of Fighting Wildfires
Murray Taylor
634.9618 T244 2000

On Fire
Larry Brown
363.37092 B878Zb 1994

Ten Years of Heat: The Paula Duncan Story
Holly Broach-Sowells
616.99449 D912Zb 1994

Young Men and Fire
Norman MacLean
634.961809786 M163 1992