September 2002

September 11… 2002

Front Page of the Cincinnati Enquirer from September 12, 2002

One year ago…

Last September 11th was unforgettable for most Americans. Recognizing how the events and images of that day linger in the minds of Americans, the Internet has captured and kept the media reports from that day and the days that followed. The Smithsonian, in cooperation with several museums, has compiled a digital archive of the attack and the response of the nation and the world. News, photos, and webpages are also archived at September 11, which includes timelines of the events across the days and months. A collection of television clips from the day of the attacks is also online.


Breaking news stories of the 9/11 aftermath are posted daily at 9/11 News Tracker and are archived at the 9/11 Newstand.

…the war on terrorism continues

map of Iraq

American troops continue the fight against world terrorism, particularly the Al-Queda network in the Middle East, while government agencies try to identify and waylay threats from other terrorist groups. In recent months, attention has shifted from Afghanistan to Iraq and to Saddam Hussein’s war crimes and the possibility of war with Iraq.

…the government moves to secure the country

A year later, the country is still grappling with many of the security issues raised by 9/11. The fledgling Department of Homeland Security is forming plans and policies to secure America. With the anthrax incidents still under investigation, the Center for Civilian Biodefense Strategies publishes the latest reports on biological weapons The newly created Transportation Security Administration has assumed responsibility for implementing regulations called for by new legislation, which have proven difficult to put into practice. Passengers continue to have questions about airport procedures and hundreds of new security screener job openings remain unfilled.

…New York City recovers

WTC Cleanup

In New York City, the NYC Services Center reports plans for the commemoration services, the designs for use of the World Trade Center space, and ongoing assistance for families of the victims. The trauma of the event has yet to be documented by research, but an early report on NY children suggests many will carry mental scars into adulthood. As the medical examiner’s office verifies names on the official victim list, Newday offers a searchable but unofficial database of profiles of those lost.

As the final debris from Ground Zero was removed, the government released its World Trade Center Performance Study, finding that fire rather than the impact of the planes brought down the buildings.

and the American people remember.

WTC Towers

Across the nation, communities are planning events in remembrance of the events of 9/11 and to renew the patriotism they spawned. PBS’s children’s program ZOOM has created a tip sheet for parents, educators, and caregivers on how to help kids cope with the anniversary.

On September 11 at 7:00 p.m., a special program, September 11: In Our Own Words, took place in the Reading Garden of the Main Library.

Off-the-Web Reading

The Library offers many new titles related to the events of last September. Check this list for titles of interest to you and contact your local library to locate a copy.