January, 2006

Spotlight On…   Smallpox Resources

Once considered a conquered disease, smallpox is now regarded as one of the most potent biological weapons. There is a growing national discussion about who needs to be vaccinated and how soon a vaccination program might begin. On December 13, President Bush announced his plan “to better protect the American people against the threat of smallpox attack by hostile groups or governments.”


To find out more about smallpox and the politics behind its control, visit these authoritative sites:

The Department of Health and Human Services has compiled an extensive page of links for the public, parents, teachers, the media, and health professionals.
Centers for Disease Control: Smallpox
This is another official federal government site for information.
Centers for Disease Control: Vaccine Overview
The CDC site also has information about the vaccine.
Centers for Disease Control: Who Should Not Get the Vaccine
Learn more about medical conditions that make pre-vaccination unadvisable.
MEDLINE Plus: Smallpox
Here’s another authoritative site, which includes citations of recent news stories and press releases.
Ohio Department of Health: Smallpox Information
This site includes a fact sheet and a list of frequently asked questions.
Hamilton County General Health District
The agency responsible for developing and implementing vaccination plans for our area.

News Articles

Up-to-date magazine and newspaper articles on smallpox and vaccination programs can be searched by using the Library’s online magazine databases, including EBSCOhost Web and General Reference Center Gold. Have your library card handy for access from your home or office computer.


These books in the Library collection tell the story of smallpox, how it has ravaged populations in the past and might threaten us in the future:

The Demon in the Freezer: A True Story
Richard Preston
614.521 P939 2002
Possibly more than you want to know about smallpox and bio-terrorism.

Rotting Face: Smallpox and the American Indian
R.G. Robertson
616.912008 R651 2001
The devastation wrought by smallpox among Native Americans during the 19th century in the Missouri River valley.

Pox Americana: The Great Smallpox Epidemic of 1775–1782
Elizabeth A. Fenn
614.521097 F334 2001
The effects caused by smallpox in 18th century America.

More Information

If you’re still having trouble locating information about smallpox, please contact the Information and Reference Department (513-369-6936) and a reference librarian will be happy to assist you.