November 2018

Facilities Master Plan · Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this taking so long, you passed a new levy in May 2018?
Voters generously approved of a new levy in May 2018, but in reality we will not see any additional funding until April 2019. Additionally, we are committed to seeking community input from communities across the county in order to make the best improvements at each location. Local architectural design firm FTC&H has already started initial work on the Price Hill Branch Library because of its closure in July 2018 due to a partial ceiling collapse.
What are the priorities for this building plan?
Accessibility projects are our #1 priority, and we have already connected with the local groups, including Design Impact and FTC&H to start the planning work to re-envision the Price Hill, Walnut Hills, and Madisonville branch libraries ensuring they are accessible to everyone including those with disabilities. Structural issues at Price Hill mean that this branch will be first to undergo improvements. Other priorities will be identified through the process of developing the Facility Master Plan, which will be shared out with the public once it’s completed at the end of 2019. For any new builds that may come out of this process, the Library will seek LEED certification
Once complete at the end of 2019, the facility master plan will help guide the process improvements at other locations. We will post that information in the facilities portion of our web site as it becomes available.
How are these decisions made?
Administrative and facilities staff will seek and use input from architects, design professionals, community members, businesses, Library staff and other stakeholders to develop recommendations that are then shared with the Board of Trustees for their consideration
What is the Library doing to engage local organizations and businesses around doing the work to improve facilities?
In the short term, we’ve hired the local architectural firm FTC&H to do the work on the Price Hill, Walnut Hills and Madisonville branches, as well as the local nonprofit, Design Impact, to lead our community engagement work. Throughout the development of the Facilities Master Plan, Group 4 will engage with local firms, such as Brown Engineering and Construction and elevar design group, to complete certain tasks. When the Library puts out a public call for bids to do specific work, local companies are encouraged to respond.
When is my branch going to receive improvements?
Major improvements at locations other than the accessibility projects will not move forward until the completion of the facility master plan and robust community, stakeholder and staff engagement has occurred. It is anticipated that the Facility Master Plan will be completed in late 2019. After that, improvement work at branches will happen in phases. A timeline will be developed and shared with the public. In the meantime smaller improvements such as new furniture and technology will be purchased as needed and as funding is available.
You said you’re having community sessions for each location. When are they?
Throughout the summer, all our branches will host a Community Listening Session. Visit our event calendar to find a Community Listening Session in your neighborhood.
Updates on each branch project will be posted on their branch pages, which can be accessed from the Library Locations web page.
I’m a community leader and I’d be interested in having a Library representative visit my organization and share information about this project. Who do I get in touch with to arrange for this?
The Library is more than happy to send a representative to a meeting of your group. Please contact Justyn Rampa, Customer Experience Manager, at
What exactly do you mean by “library improvements?” Will new branches be built, or are they just being renovated? Will any branches be relocated or torn down?
None of these kinds of decisions have been made yet, and they will not be made without first seeking community input. Also, the development of the Facility Master Plan will help the Library learn about important issues, like the county’s current and projected population size and make-up, community needs, and projected costs. This information needs to be gathered and reviewed before big decisions are made.
I work for an architectural firm that would be interested in learning about opportunities to work with the Library on the facility improvements. Who do I get in touch with to learn more?
Please contact Molly Defosse, Chief Financial Officer, at
I have a question that wasn’t answered in this FAQ, or I have an idea to share about improving library facilities. How can I ask my question or share my feedback?
Please use this quick online form to share your question or idea. If you want an answer to your question, be sure to provide your email address.

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