Working at the Library · Shelving Test Instructions

Candidates who are interested in Branch Library Services Assistant positions and Shelver positions must successfully complete the Shelving Test.

Non-Fiction Materials

When arranging materials, sort first by the whole number (three digits before the decimal) and then, if there is more than one item with the same whole number, by the number following the decimal point.

For example:

800 808.09 808.1 808.14 808.2 808.321

Keep in mind that the number after the decimal point is a fraction, so that in the example above .14 is smaller than .2, so the item with the number 808.14 comes before the one with the number 808.2

Fiction Materials

Books classed as fiction do not have call numbers. They are arranged on the shelves alphabetically by the last name of the author, ignoring the first name completely. If there are multiple titles by the same author appears or several authors with the same last name, the books are then arranged alphabetically by their titles. Last names beginning with M' and Mc and Mac are all shelved together as if they were all Mac.

For example:

Macauley, McCutcheon, M'Intosh, MacKenzine are in proper order.

The following words at the beginning of titles are ignored unless it is the only word in the title:

a, an, the.

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