Main Library · Fiction and Young Adults

The Fiction & and Young Adults Department service desk closed in October as part of the Main Library for the 21st Century reorganization. The collection is now part of the Popular Library.

First Floor—South Building

Manager: David Siders

About the Department

The Fiction Department holds one of the largest centralized fiction collections of any public or academic library in the country. It began as part of the Circulation Department and later became semi-independent first as part of the History and Literature Department and later as part of the Browsing Collection. In 1962, it became a department in its own right and expanded to include Young Adult Services. While especially strong in 19th and 20th century American and English novels and short stories, it includes fiction from all genres, regions and periods. Books by local authors are featured. The department boasts the largest circulation in the library system, serving readers of all tastes and interests. Visitors find it easy to browse the floor collection, which includes sections featuring new fiction, romances, mysteries, science fiction, supernatural, suspense, historical novels, westerns and classics. Other displays focus on authors or genres of special interest as well as staff favorites.

The Collection

With over 182,000 volumes, the Fiction Department offers a collection reflecting both popular and scholarly tastes and trends, from classics to current bestsellers. The Young Adult section features a wide range of fiction and a non-fiction section emphasizing biographies, career books and social issues.

Reference Service

The Fiction Department is staffed by avid readers who are friendly advisors to customers seeking material for research or recreational reading. They are assisted by a number of indexes to help locate fiction by subject, genre or setting. Additional indexes include local fiction, biographical novels, African-American literature, sequels, mysteries, and books made into movies. NoveList, available on CD-ROM, enables users to search for novels by author, title or genre. Customers may request assistance in person, by phone or through the branch libraries.