Outreach Services · Teacher Collection Delivery Service

The Outreach Services Department delivers classroom collections to schools throughout Hamilton County

Who can participate?
Any school or daycare in Hamilton County is eligible to participate in the teacher collection delivery service if at least 5 teachers request deliveries. In order to participate in the service, a teacher must first obtain an Educator card.
When will the books be delivered?
Once five teachers have requested the service, the school will be placed on one of twelve delivery routes. Eight deliveries are scheduled each school year, with a final visit to pick up materials at the end of the school year. A list of the routes and their delivery dates for the current school year is available online. Our collections are delivered by a courier service. Returning collections should be placed in a centralized area for pick up by 9:00 a.m. on the delivery date.
What kinds of materials can teachers request for delivery?
  • Nonfiction books for classroom research. We will choose up-to-date books at the proper reading level.
  • Picture books for classroom story times. Teachers can request subjects, seasonal topics, specific authors, or let us choose.
  • Books for students to read. We have lots of leveled readers, early chapter books, and juvenile fiction and nonfiction.
  • Multiple copies for classroom sets.
  • Lists of specific titles.
  • Accelerated readers. Teachers can supply us with the school’s list or a link to the website the school is using and we will deliver titles on the list at the specified reading levels.
  • Magazines
  • Audiobooks and Playaway Views
Collections may include up to 50 books. A total of 150 items are allowed per card. We may have to limit the number of books sent on some hot topics due to their popularity among teachers. Please provide two weeks notice for changes and special requests.
How do I get a request form?
Request forms are specific to the route the school is on and list the delivery dates. Forms for the current school year are available online or contact the Outreach Services Department by phone (513-369-6963), email, or visit any branch library. Request forms may be emailed or faxed to the department at 513-369-4586. Please note the following deadlines:
  • All requests for collections must be completed and turned in with at least one week’s notice before we can schedule a delivery.
  • New schools may sign up throughout the year but no later than January for the current school year. Summer deliveries can also be arranged.
  • Teachers may start handing in requests for the next school year as early as April.
  • Schools that are interested but cannot yet get 5 teachers to sign up may still get collections from their closest branch library but no delivery will be made until 5 teachers are on board.