July 2012

What’s New · My Cincinnati House

Exterior of the Matthew McWilliams Matthew McWilliams House exterior.

Every other month, the owner of a beautiful house in the Cincinnati area is invited to talk about the history of their house and share their experiences. Join us for the upcoming presentations in the Main's Library's Genealogy & Local History Department (3rd floor, south building):

Matthew McWilliams House, in Riverside

Dave Zelman lives in a Greek revival temple-form house, from the 1840s. “The Matthew McWilliams house is a survivor of the period when Cincinnati was growing faster than any other city in the US. With this growth came unprecedented prosperity, and a generation of Americans that could take advantage of what the industrial revolution had to offer. My Cincinnati home was one of a number of Riverfront estates built by military officers, land speculators, and captains of industry. They built these homes to impress, to socialize, and to experiment with their agricultural pursuits. Time passed, and many of these homes were lost or forgotten. Today, our home is a comfortable place for family and friends. As the steward of one of Cincinnati's antebellum survivors, I look forward to sharing the story of My Cincinnati house.”

Sycamore Street Studio interior Sycamore Street Studio interior

Saturday, July 14, 2:00 p.m.

Sycamore Street Studio

Sculptor, decorative artist and collector Ted Gantz, lives in Sycamore Street Studio, a fascinating residence, atelier, and secret garden, located in Prospect Hill. “In 1979, I purchased three side-by-side buildings, located at Sycamore and Liberty, being the edge of Over the Rhine and Mount Auburn. The three buildings have become my home, garden, and sculpture studio. The house has many of its original decorations which have been restored, but also has much that is my work as a decorative sculptor also. I have been a working commission sculptor and designer for fifty years and much of the house and garden showcase the work that I do. The house is filled with antiques and American Sculpture which I have been collecting for many years. My talk, illustrated with numerous photos, will show the development of my Cincinnati house, from the 1850's through my undertakings.”

Saturday, September 8, 2:00 p.m.