2nd Annual Cincinnati Library Comic Con

2014 Comic Con · Guests and Speakers

Brad Abraham

Brad Abraham is creator of the acclaimed comic book series MIXTAPE; a coming of age story set against the backdrop of the early 1990s music scene. A successful screenwriter, his work includes the cult horror comedy FRESH MEAT, the SyFy Channel Original STONEHENGE APOCALYPSE, and the miniseries ROBOCOP: PRIME DIRECTIVES.

Derek Alderfer

Derek Alderfer is the creator of Deliverance. He is a student at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

David Michael Beck

David Michael Beck began his 35-year career in illustration in Chicago in 1972. His original artwork hangs in the private collections of such notables as George Lucas, Jerry Garcia and Mickey Hart of The Grateful Dead rock band, Bill Cosby, Hugh and Christy Hefner, and the American Italian Museum. David’s client list has included the Hasbro Toy Company, The Grammy Awards, Warner Brothers, Universal Pictures, Harper Collins, Simon & Schuster, Coca-Cola, Sony Entertainment, DC, TopCow, and Dark Horse Comics.

Christopher L. Bennett

Christopher L. Bennett is a science fiction novelist from Cincinnati, Ohio and the author of multiple critically acclaimed Star Trek novels from Pocket Books, including the Star Trek: Enterprise Rise of the Federation series, whose second installment, Tower of Babel, has just been released. His original novel Only Superhuman, perhaps the first hard science fiction superhero novel, was voted Library Journal’s SF/Fantasy Debut of the Month for October 2012.

Dave & Patricia Bowling, Diane Johnson

David and Patricia Bowling are a husband/wife and writer/artist team. Thee Bees is their newest storyline created for the whole family. They are best known for the children’s series, Dirty Dingy Daryl. Diane Johnson, artist and illustrator, is well known for her fine art and illustrating children’s books. The Bowling’s and Ms. Johnson are Cincinnati natives and childhood friends. They are working on Episode 2: Here Comes Thee Bees, scheduled to be released Fall 2014.

Chris Charlton

Chris Charlton is the owner of Assailant Comics and the writer/creator of Binary Gray and Black of Heart.

Nick Collins

Nick Collins is the creator of Necropolis. He is a student at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

Derrick Dankwa

Derrick Dankwa is the creator of Antonym. He is a student at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

Aaron Delamatre

After graduating from the Art Academy of Cincinnati, Aaron Delamatre managed the theater group Art & Drama Club, for which he wrote and directed five plays. He has since had exhibitions of drawings, paintings, and sculptures, constructed larger-than-life puppets, and designed several games. He is the creator of several comic books, including The Bridge and has a story in Rust Belt Chic: The Cincinnati Anthology which will be published in May.

Philip duBarry

Philip duBarry is the creator of several eurogames including Canalis, Courtier, Kingdom of Solomon, and Revolution! Join him in the gaming area to play Canalis and Revolution! and to learn about modern board gaming!

Steve Harmon

Steve Harmon is a freelance published artist living in Cincinnati. His credits include: Maiden Hell, The Skerney Werps, Scarf, and Candelabra. Currently Steve is working on a handful of personal and freelance projects.

Shane Hatfield

Shane Hatfield, a student at the Art Academy of Cincinnati, is author of Conmeleon.

Ken Henson

Ken Henson is the creator of Splendid-Lite and Splendid-Darke. He is a professor at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. He received his MFA in Painting from the University of Cincinnati in 2000.

Heroes Alliance

A non-profit team of costumed volunteers who are ready to make appearances at community and children-oriented charity events–from helping local law enforcement with community functions to visiting sick children in the hospital to help brighten their spirits.

Russell Ihrig

Russell Ihrig is the creator of La Petite Mort and Sockford. He received his BFA in Fine Art from The Art Academy of Cincinnati in 2003. He also does occasional design and illustration work when somebody asks him nicely.

Tim Kask

Tim Kask served as editor of the earliest Dungeons and Dragons publications before becoming editor of Dragon Magazine. He developed the board games William the Conqueror, 1066 and Naval War, as well as edited numerous others. He took a hiatus from the gaming world to become a speechwriter and teacher, though he didn’t remove himself completely – he wrote scenarios for the PC game Age of Wonders – Shadow Magic. He returned to gaming in 2010, when he co-founded Eldritch Enterprises, Ltd.


Linewerk is the creator of Book Titles: Sugarburn, Nebula, and Not So Gods. She is a student at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

Chrissy Mullins

Chrissy Mullins is the creator of So, You Summoned a Wild Chrissytor. She is a student at the Art Academy of Cincinnati.

Ellen Schreiber

Ellen Schreiber is the NYTimes Bestselling Children’s Series and Manga series author of the Vampire Kisses novel and manga series!

Scott Simmons

Scott D.M. Simmons is known for his art for official “Star Wars” licensees and Celebration events, Arcana’s The Dead Cell horror graphic novel, and fun indie comics like the all-ages superhero comedy Our Super Mom, the heroic horror comic “Halloween Man”, and the dimension-hopping character Jenny Everywhere.

Chad Taylor

Chad Taylor is a local artist and writer/illustrator of The 5ive footers.

Jim Wampler

Jim Wampler is the writer and artist of the Marvin the Mage webcomic, and is a published freelance tabletop game writer and designer.