February 2019

What’s New · Featured Book of the Month Program: February

Adult Title

Not That I Could Tell

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Not That I Could Tell by Jessica Strawser
“When Clara invited her neighbors over to help christen the new fire pit in her backyard in Yellow Springs, Ohio, they figured a few glasses of wine and some local gossip would be shared. They never expected that Kristen, a doctor’s wife, and her twin children would be missing by the next morning. Now the neighborhood is wrapped up in the mystery, and Clara is reliving memories she’s tried hard to forget. Strawser’s second novel (after Almost Missed You, 2017) is full of slow-burning intrigue.”
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Teen Title

The Battle of Jericho

The Battle of Jericho by Sharon M. Draper
“The Warriors of Distinction has been Frederick Douglass High’s most exclusive club for 50 years, so when 16-year-old Jericho is asked to pledge, he's excited--and intimidated. When the initiation ceremony turns cruel--with the one girl pledge being singled out for abuse-- Jericho begins to have second thoughts. Then the affair turns deadly. Draper portrays a timely scenario, with kids put into a situation that many young people face: the wish for inclusion butting up against the knowledge of right and wrong.”
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Children’s Title

Clayton Byrd Goes Underground

Clayton Byrd Goes Underground by Rita Williams-Garcia
“Clayton feels most alive when he’s with his grandfather, Cool Papa Byrd, and his band, the Bluesmen—and he can’t wait to join them, just as soon as he has a blues song of his own. But then the unthinkable happens. Cool Papa Byrd dies, and Clayton’s mother forbids Clayton from playing the blues. And Clayton knows that’s no way to live. Armed with his grandfather’s brown porkpie hat and his harmonica, he runs away from home in search of the Bluesmen, hoping he can join them on the road. But on the journey that takes him through the New York City subways and to Washington Square Park, Clayton learns some things that surprise him. ”

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