May 2019

What’s New · Featured Book of the Month Program: May

Adult Title


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Promise by Minrose Gwin
“In the aftermath of a devastating tornado that rips through the town of Tupelo, Mississippi, at the height of the Great Depression, two women worlds apart--one black, one white; one a great-grandmother, the other a teenager--fight for their families' survival in this lyrical and powerful novel.”

Teen Title

If I Was Your Girl

If I was Your Girl by Meredith Russon
“18-year-old Amanda, the new girl at Lambertville High, has a closely guarded secret. At her old school, she was Andrew, battered and abused for being different. Following surgery, Amanda is now transsexual and has come to live with her divorced father, hoping to spend her last year in her new school as invisibly as possible. Readers learn the ordeal of her life so far in a series of dramatic flashbacks. But then she meets Grant and, despite herself and her fears, finds herself falling in love, and it’s obvious he returns those feelings. But what will happen if he learns the truth?”
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Children’s Title

Be Prepared

Be Prepared by Vera Brosgol
“ Vera feels too Russian for her friends in Albany. She can never quite get the hang of sleepover birthday parties, and she'll never have expensive toys like they do. So when she hears about a summer camp just for Russian American kids, she's sure she's finally found her place. But she's much younger than her tent-mates, and impossibly she's not Russian enough to fit in. She stumbles over the language, doesn't know all the songs, and generally can't quite get a handle on roughing it. But what's more Russian than suffering? With fantastic pacing and poignant emotional turns, Brosgol's winsome graphic memoir hilariously captures the lengths kids go to in order to fit in as well as the author's growth from a girl desperate for a place to belong into someone confident enough to stand up for herself... ”

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