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American Conservative Union
Rates elected officials according to how they voted on issues considered important by conservatives. Ratings are calculated both in terms of current legislation as well as lifetime voting habits.
Americans for Democratic Action
The nation's oldest liberal political organization. Their "Annual Voting Records" are designed to provide a basic overall picture of an elected official's political position.
Campaigns & Elections Magazine
From Congressional Quarterly, a nonpartisan view of electoral successes, failures, and predictions, featuring the “The Political Oddsmaker.”
Center for Responsive Politics
Watchdog for political campaign spending.
The Constitution Party
Official website of the Constitution Party.
Declare Yourself
Nonpartisan, nonprofit campaign designed to encourage young voters to participate in the 2004 presidential election. Includes information about registration, absentee ballots, and locating polling places.
Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee
Democratic congressional campaign information.
Democratic National Committee
Position statements and political news from the official site of the Democratic Party.
Democratic Party
The official website for the Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee. Offers daily news updates, policy analysis, links, email updates and opportunities to participate in the political process.
Directory of U.S. Political Parties
Non-partisan website with description and links to major and third parties.
Elections Around the World
Wikipedia article that includes electoral histories for every country in the world since 1990 and overviews of current governments, heads of state, political parties and national legislatures.
Federal Election Commission
Campaign contribution information and financial reports for federal campaigns.
Follow the Money - National Institute on Money in State Politics
Monitors campaign contributions by individuals, businesses, special interest groups and industry sectors for state elections. Data is supplied by government agencies within each state.
The Gallup Organization
Gallup presents polling data relating to the 2000 elections as well as a variety of other current topics.
Green Parties World Wide
Information on Green Parties platform and candidates.
League of Conservation Voters
Rates legislator's voting records on environmental issues.
Libertarian Party
Official documents, candidates and position of the Libertarian Party.
National Republican Congressional Committee Online
Current information on congressional races and Republican campaigns.
Open Secrets
Extensive review of congressional and presidential campaign fundraising issues from The Center for Responsive Politics, a nonprofit nonpartisan research group that tracks money in politics.
The Political Graveyard - A Database of Historic Cemeteries
Provides a biographical directory of U.S. politicians living and dead.
Politics 1 Directory of Political Debates & Issues
Coverage of issues in politics from different idealogical perspectives.
The Polling Report
An indepedent, nonpartisan resource on trends in American public opinion.
Project Vote Smart
National, non-partisan political site with information on issues and candidates.
Project Vote Smart Political Parties
Information about and links to U.S. political parties.
Reform Party
Official website for the Reform Party. Includes Party statements, press releases, news articles, and national and state-wide campaign activities.
Register to Vote
State by state instructions on voter registration qualifications and procedures.
Republican Party
Official website for the Republican Party and Republican National Committee.
Roper Center
The largest library of public opinion data in the world.
Transparency Data
Transparency Data is a central source for federal lobbying disclosure, federal grants and contracts, earmarks and federal and state campaign contributions.
U.S. Electoral College
Background and legal information about the electoral college, FAQs, historical election results, teaching resources, etc.
Women’s Institute for Freedom of the Press
International directory of media by and about women.
Zogby International
Poll data on a wide variety of national and international topics. Zogby is considered to be the most reliable pollster at predicting presidential races.

Verify your voter registration status, find your polling location, access the online change of address system, request an absentee ballot, and learn about identification requirerments.
Ohio Democratic Party
The official website for the Ohio Democratic Party with links to county pages.
Ohio Elections & Ballot Issues - Ohio Secretary of State
General elections information from the Ohio Secretary of State.
Ohio Republican Party
Official party page with directory and local links.
Ohio Secretary of State
Information about campaign finance, statewide issues, voter services and district maps from the official Ohio department which oversees elections.


Charter Committee
Website for the Charter Committee, which stresses citizenship above partisanship. Members work on issues which affect the Greater Cincinnati area.
Cincinnati Women's Political Caucus
Organizes a multi-partisan coalition of persons from all backgrounds, economic levels and political concerns to provide a vehicle to participate in the political and governmental processes and advance their status through political action.
Election Ohio
The online source for thorough coverage of Ohio elections with an election calendar, an election newsline and board of elections information.
Hamilton County Democratic Party
Local party page that includes information on local elections.
Hamilton County Ohio Board of Elections
Official website for election results, requests for absentee ballots, voter registration forms, and voting poll locations.
Hamilton County Republican Party
Local party page with list of officials and club directory.
League of Women Voters of the Cincinnati Area
Non-partisan political site featuring information and profiles of upcoming Tri-state elections.