Government Resources · Public Records

General Finding Aids and Directories

BRB Publications - Free Resource Center
Over 2,000 county, state, and federal URLs to free public records.
Public Record
Directory of tens of thousands free public records.
Searchable public record database. Search by subject or geographic area.
State and Local Government on the Net
Links to thousands of state, county, local, and inter-governmental websites. Only pages that are controlled and managed by state and local government agencies are included.


FBI Freedom of Information Act – Electronic Reading Room
View FBI documents about famous people and events from the Freedom of Information Act Reading Room at FBI Headquarters. Documents have been scanned from paper copies as released to FOIPA requesters over the years.
Commercial service offering many types of public records across various jurisdictions in one concise database. Search fee required in some instances.
National Archives - Research
Links to online information about selected topics in National Archives records. (This page represents only a small fraction of possible research topics in the records of the National Archives.)
U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
Information about the SEC, information for assisting investors, filing complaints, and searchable databases of EDGAR and other SEC-related documents.
Witchcraft in Salem Village
Verbatim transcripts of the legal documents of the Salem Witchcraft Trials of 1692.


Ohio Offender Database Search
Database of all prisoners in Ohio correctional facilities, listing offense, date of imprisonment, inmate number, and sentence. – Ohio
Directory of Ohio public records.


Netronline – Real Estate and Public Records Information
Public Records Online section provides a free contact list of local tax assessment offices.
Real Estate Records - Hamilton County Auditor
Online county real estate records searchable by address, name of owner, or parcel number plus real estate sales information by date, neighborhood, and age of house.