Government Resources · Courts


Administrative Decisions & Other Actions
University of Virginia Library site providing helpful links to administrative actions posted on Federal agency websites (outside the scope of the Code of Federal Regulations or the Federal Register). You can search by agency or subject.
Briefs (Solicitor General)
Searchable database of full-text amicus briefs presented before the Supreme Court by the Justice Department's Solicitor General since 1988.
Federal Judicial Center
Justice information, publications and numerous links to court cases.
United States Supreme Court
Official site with court decisions from 1999 and a case citation finder from 1790.
U.S. Bankruptcy Court – Southern District of Ohio
Bankruptcy forms, publications, court contacts, case information, codes, rules, etc.
U.S. Courts
Information on the judiciary, as well as full-text court case search and retrieval for some court jurisdictions.


Ohio Courts
Links to the websites of all major Ohio courts by county and municipality.
Supreme Court of Ohio
Detailed explanations of the structure of Ohio appeals, county, and municipal court systems, and the role of the Ohio Supreme Court, with a calendar of current cases and events.


Clerks of Courts in the State of Ohio
List of websites for the Clerks of Court for various Municipal and Courts of Common Pleas from around the state of Ohio.
Hamilton County Clerk of Courts - Forms
Civil and criminal forms for municipal and common pleas and other local needs.
Hamilton County Court of Appeals - Forms
Forms and instructions for First Appellate District of Ohio.
Hamilton County Court of Common Pleas - Forms
Court forms for civil and criminal cases.
Hamilton County Court of Domestic Relations
Legal forms for divorce and dissolution, child custody, and support matters.
Hamilton County Probate Court - Forms
Court forms for filing wills, adoptions, mental illness cases, and marriage records.