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Invention Title
Oil canView patent
Oil canView patent
Oil canView patent
Oil cup for lubricating enginesView patent
Oil cup for steam enginesView patent
Oil globe for steam chestView patent
Oil pressView patent
Open front for stoves and fireplacesView patent
Opening and closing device for window blindsView patent
Opening and closing farm gatesView patent
Operating gun carriagesView patent
Operating railway switchesView patent
Operating valves of steam enginesView patent
OrdnanceView patent
Organ actionView patent
Organ pipeView patent
Ornamental connection of the parts of iron fencesView patent
Ornamental fire placeView patent
Oscillating engineView patent
Oscillating pumpView patent
Oscillating steam engineView patent
Oval tin bottom cutterView patent
OvenView patent
Oven plate for cooking stovesView patent
Overhead conducting system for electric railwaysView patent