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The award-winning curriculum is designed to help young children (ages 2–7+) build a strong foundation for academic success. offers more than 4,000 learning activities across all major subject areas including reading, math, science, social studies, art, and music.
Biography in Context
Biographical coverage for individuals in literature, science, business, entertainment, politics, sports, government, history, and the arts.
Concise reports detailing the history, daily life, and customs of world cultures. Each report typically includes a regional overview, national anthem audio file, maps, statistics, photographs, biographies of well-known people, and a recipe collection. World Edition articles are aimed at high school users. Kids and States Editions are aimed at grade school users.
Includes topic overviews that provide students with a starting point for research; articles, essays, and primary source documents to help students feel successful in their research; and reading level indicators to simplify discovery of grade-appropriate content.
Collection of ten databases for students. These include biography collections (Sports Champions, Shapers of Society, etc.), Defining Moments in American History, special topic collections (World Mythology, Countries and Cultures of the World, etc.), and a general purpose encyclopedia.
Homework HelpNow
Students (K-Adult) can get live online homework help, skills building, writing assistance, test prep help, and more from expert tutors.
Kids InfoBits
A kid-friendly resource that helps grade-schoolers become comfortable researching. Among the many features designed to engage young learners, it includes InfoBits—fun facts available in hundreds of categories from history and geography to music and movies.
MAS Ultra—School Edition
Full-text articles from over 500 popular general interest and current events publications. Also includes access to pamphlets, reference books, biographies, primary source documents, and an image collection of photographs, maps, and flags. For high school students.
Middle Search Plus
Full-text articles from over 150 popular magazines. Also includes access to biographies, historical essays, and an image collection of photographs, maps, and flags. For middle school and junior high school students.
NoveList K-8 Plus
This database offers lots of ways for young readers to find great fiction titles, with thousands of book reviews, and features that allow you to search by plot, setting, series name, and favorite authors and titles. The "Teacher Resources" tab has lots of useful material for teachers and media specialists.
Opposing Viewpoints in Context
Explore both sides of a wide range of important social issues, such as euthanasia, censorship, gun control, and narcotics. Includes topic overviews, statistics, tables, images, biographies, websites, and articles from periodicals and newspapers.
Points of View
Points of View Reference Center contains many topics, each with an overview, point, and counterpoint. This resource also includes over 1,300 main essays, leading political magazines from all sides of the political spectrum, newspapers, radio & TV news transcripts, primary source documents and guides for writing position papers, developing arguments and debating.
Primary Search
Full-text articles from more than 60 popular magazines for elementary school research. Also includes access to American Heritage Children’s Dictionary and an image collection of photographs, maps, and flags.
Science Reference Center
Topics covered in Science Reference Center include biology, chemistry, earth and space science, environmental science, health and medicine, history of science, life science, physics, science and society, science as inquiry, scientists, technology and wildlife. By providing a wide range of topics, Science Reference Center satisfies the demand for standards-based content by providing teachers and librarians with articles correlated to state and national curriculum standards
Very Short Introductions
Concise introductions to a diverse range of subject areas from climate to consciousness, game theory to ancient warfare, and privacy to Islamic history.
World Book Early World of Learning
Narrated stories, interactive games, educational videos, leveled reading practice, and a visual interactive encyclopedia for preschoolers and children in early elementary grades.
World Book Online Reference Center
Access an encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas, homework help, study aids, and curriculum guides.
Worldbook Kids
Search for articles, pictures, maps, and definitions. Hands-on actitivies, puzzles, and exercises for elementary school students and teachers are also available.
Worldbook Spanish / Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos
Este recurso en Español para estudiantes de la escuela elemental incluye artículos, mapas, banderas, tablas y casillas de hechos, y enlaces a páginas de Internet en Español. / This Spanish language resource for elementary school students includes articles, maps, flags, tables and fact boxes, and links to Spanish language websites.
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