Sites by Subject · Animals & Nature


EOL: Encyclopedia of Life
A global website which contains information on life forms of all sorts.
Ohio Division of Natural Resources: Division of Wildlife


Animal Diversity Web
Maintained by the Museum of Zoology at the University of Michigan, this website offers pictures and general information about many animal species.
Animal Pictures Archive
In addition to pictures of animals, this site also offers sound and video clips.
Birmingham Zoo
An easy-to-navigate site from the Birmingham, Alabama, zoo with a wealth of information.
NOAA Websites: Ocean Sciences
Information about marine wildlife and ecology from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
World Wildlife Fund
Maintained by the World Wildlife Fund, this website gives information on climate change, the seas, forests, and, of course, wildlife.


Read about birds and participate in backyard bird counts on this website maintained by the National Audubon Society and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.


A comprehensive source of information for thousands of fish species.


Butterflies and Moths of North America
Occurrence maps, species accounts, checklists, and photographs.
Entomology Index of Internet Resources
Compiled by two entomologists, this website serves as a directory and search engine of insect-related Internet resources.


Biomes of the World
Useful information on aquatic, tundra, grassland, forest and desert biomes.
The Living Edens
Based on the PBS series by the same name, this website offers another look at many of the world's undisturbed places.
Major Biomes of the World
Provided by the Virtual Geography Department at Radford University, this website offers students basic data on biomes' climate, flora, and fauna.
Lots of information provided by the National Park Service on the preservation of our natural resources.
NatureServe: An Online Encyclopedia of Life
From the Association for Biodiversity Information, this website provides taxonomic and distribution maps for over 50,000 plants, animals, and ecological communities in North America.
Use this great one-stop site for planning a vacation to any of our Federally owned lands. You can focus on select activities, such as climbing or fishing, if you choose.
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Contains many links to lots of information about wildlife protection and management.
USDA Forest Service
Visit this website for general information about national forests. You can also use the site to locate and reserve camp grounds and cabins.
The Wilderness Information Network
Keep up-to-date on issues affecting our national wilderness areas.


The American Kennel Club
Information about the AKC and its events, dog breeding and care.
Use this website to find purebred dog breeders, dog clubs, and dog rescue groups.
Cat Fanciers
A primary source of information about cats: breeds and breeding, purchase, shows, rescue and registry.
Dog Owner’s Guide
This online magazine for dog owners offers excellent tips on choosing, caring for and training dogs. It's a must-see for anyone interested in the proper care of dogs.
A great place to start your search for the pet that's right for you.

Trees & Plants

Ohio Trees
Use this web page from the Ohio Division of Forestry to identify and read about Ohio's native trees.
What Tree Is It?
Identify trees by leaf, fruit, or name.