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Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
Devoted exclusively to the Academy, this site offers information on its awards (the "Oscars") and other activities.
AFI’s 100 Years…100 Movies
The American Film Institute provides screen education for filmmakers and recognizes excellence in the art of films. The 100 years series includes categories such as 100 movie quotes, 100 movie songs, 100 movie heroes, 100 movie laughs and much more. Find the top rated films of the century and various top lists in genres like romance, horror, and comedy.
Alfred Hitchcock: The Master of Suspense
All about Hitch and his movies. Site includes biography, filmography, wit and wisdom, FAQs, cameos and essays.
Art on Film Online
A clearinghouse for information about film, video, CD-ROM, and other interactive productions on fine arts, architecture, photography, decorative arts, and related topics.
B movies
Hundreds of b-movies (mostly sci fi and martial arts) that can be watched on your computer.
Based on The Book
Over 750 book titles, short stories, and plays are included in this database of motion pictures produced after 1980. Search by movie title, movie release year, book title, or book author.
Film industry resource for the black community. Reviews, full-length articles, entertainment news, and information about conferences and screenings.
Bollywood Hungama
Check out the news, previews, and reviews of past, current, and forthcoming Indian films and music. Choose your favorite Bollywood wallpaper and screensaver.
Dead People Server
Is a celebrity alive or dead? Find out at this site.
E! Online
News and gossip from the entertainment community.
The Internet Archive
Non-profit organization dedicated to providing and preserving an “Internet Library” of digital collections. Moving images include over 1,200 advertising, educational and industrial films (made from 1927 to the present), the Computer Chronicles, the World at War short films, Net Café and more.
Motion Picture Association of America
Movie ratings, press releases, legislation, and other entertainment related information can be found here.
Movie Locations Guide
Shows locations where movies and TV shows were shot and include shooting location maps for New York, Los Angeles, and London.
National Film Preservation Board
The National Film Registry preserves at-risk newsreels, silent, experimental, Hollywood, independent, and other "orphan" films which are a living record of the twentieth century. Included is a complete listing of NFR films, by title and year of release, and a moving image archive.
Nostalgia Central
Find history highlights, pop culture, movies, TV, and music of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. Information presented by decade and/or by year.
Public Moving Image Archives and Research Centers
Access major film archives in Asia and Oceania, Africa and the Near East, Canada, Europe, Latin America and the United States.
Sundance Institute
Sponsor of the annual film festival. Includes schedules, film submission criteria, and a searchable film database with vital information on the over 1600 films which have shown at Sundance.
Tastekid provides recommendations for music, movies and books. Type in something you like, and Tastekid suggests others you may also enjoy.
TurnHere: Short Films, Cool Places
Looking for a place to head out for the weekend or the week? Browse this site by location or activity (Art, Beaches, Foodie Havens, etc.). Check out the bird’s eye view of Mt. Adams here in Cincinnati.

Blogs & Wikis

The Film Guide
A wiki devoted to articles about the motion picture film industry. First-time contributers to the editing experience should click on the Help section for quick and easy instructions.
indieWIRE Blogs
indieWIRE, the independent media social network, is home to a plethora of blogs about the independent film community.

Cincinnati and the Tristate

Cincinnati World Cinema
CWC screens live-action and animated shorts, American Independent and documentary films that typically don't make it to mainstream theaters. This website provides a calendar of upcoming events, ticket information, venues, and related links. In collaboration with other locali organizations such as the Cincinnati Art Museum, the Cincinnati Museum Center, the National Underground Freedom Center, CWC strives to provide the community with motion pictures that “explore the human condition and celebrate diversity.”

Entertainment News

The Hollywood Reporter
Daily national and international news on film, television, and music.
Formerly titled "Hollywood Online," this site offers a variety of entertainment information, including movie and video guides, show times, and movies on television.
Film reviews, box office results, and industry news form the basis of this popular entertainment publication.

For Parents and Teachers

Art Historians’ Guide to the Movies
Looking for an example of baroque art on film? Intended as an aide to the teaching of art history, this web site lists citations to movies with visuals of famous works of art and architecture.
DocuSeek Film & Video Finder
Site for independent, documentary, educational and instructional videos. Search by title, general subject, distributor, grade level, geographic area, length and more. Provides links to several online review journals of videos, DVDs and CD-Roms.
Besides a brief description of a movie or video, this site uses a 0 to 10 scale to rate movies in three categories: sex, violence, and profanity. The creators state that they are affiliated with neither Hollywood nor with any religious group, so that their ratings are impartial.
Parent’s Guide To Anime
Resource to help parents better understand anime and choose titles for their children. Movies are categorized as as G, PG, and M. Each title entry includes a critical review.
Screen It! Review for Parents
Unbiased, heavily detailed reviews of movies which include explanations of MPAA ratings.
Teach With Movies
A selective list of films for introducing children to major events in history, ethical, social, and cultural issues, and works of music, literature, and art. Movie selections include age range, subject matter, and character development. Also includes an annotated list of films not recommended as teaching tools.


All Movie Guide
This multi-purpose site allows the user to search for videos and movies, and DVDs by title, person, keyword, and/or plotline. It includes ratings, reviews, interviews, news, and television and movie listings.
Audience Magazine
An independent journal for film lovers. Includes discussion on selected current films and revivals, ratings, and archive clippings.
Classic Horror: Reviewing the History of Terror
This fan site includes interviews with Hollywood actors, award winners, and reviews of horror films from the pre-1930s to the present.
Foreign Films
Excellent site for foreign films. This site covers everything from the classics to the latest arthouse releases. Browse by country, artist, or genre.
Golden Raspberry Award
The "Razzies" salute the year's worst actor, director, screen play, and movies. The 500 voting members are from the entertainment industry. Included are press releases of upcoming nominations.
Internet Movie Database
Loads of information for movie and TV show buffs, including ratings, previews, reviews, awards, plot outlines, and credits.
The Joe Bob Report
Reviews of sci-fi, horror, camp, and B movies by popular columnist, Joe Bob Briggs. Can't remember the title of a movie? Use the "Find That Flick" feature.
Thousands of reviews of movies, DVDs, TV shows, and games. "Metascores," based on these reviews, give you the opportunity to quickly ascertain which titles are most highly rated. If more in-depth information is needed, the complete reviews are a click away.
Movie Review Query Engine
If you're looking for reviews of movies, foreign or domestic, this site provides the most exhaustive links to both print and on-line sources.
Roger Ebert & the Movies
Reviews, interviews, essays, films buffs calendar, and the "Email Answer Man."
Rotten Tomatoes
Look up a movie and find out how some of the nation's top film critics reacted to it. Each movies is rated with the "tomatometer scale."
Videohound's MovieRetriever
A companion to the VideoHound book series, this site is searchable by title or film genre.
Yahoo! Movies
Reviews, local showtimes, links for purchasing movie tickets online, trailers and clips. Use My Movies to build your own movie profile and create lists of your most and least favorite movies.


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