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General Sites

National Atlas of the United States
The U.S. National Atlas has samples and indexes from aeronautic and nautical charts to bathymetric and geologic maps.
National Science Foundation
News stories, multimedia gallery, event calendar, classroom resources, statistics, and funding resources.
This U.S. Government portal is arranged by subject and has links to many useful sites.
SciTech Daily Review
Selected science articles from current publications, with links to relevant media sources.
An academic search engine created by two biology scientists in Chicago which provides access to a wide range of biological and medical information for researchers, educators, students, clinicians, etc.

Anatomy & Physiology

The Visible Human Project
From the National Library of Medicine, the VHP offers links, text, images, and animations on anatomical subjects.


Astrodienst Online
Generates natal astrological charts (without interpretation).
Cincinnati Astronomical Society
Provides a history of the Society, calendar of events, and membership information.
The Cincinnati Observatory
The Cincinnati Observatory, located in Mt. Lookout, is home to the world's oldest professional telescope still in use nightly. The Observatory offers astronomy nights that include viewings and a lecture, educational outreach, and historical tours.
Drake Planetarium
Drake Planetarium, located in the Norwood High School in Norwood, offers educational programming for preschool through high school, as well as teacher and adult workshops. Find program information, resources and forms, a calendar, and related links.
Encyclopedia Astronautica
Sponsored by Friends and Partners, an internet service developed jointly by citizens of the U.S. and Russia, this website provides an excellent starting point for finding information about astronauts, spacecraft, engines and space programs.
The web pages for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration contain much information about current NASA activities, history and news.
Sky & Telescope
The essential guide to astronomy.


Biomes of the World
Useful information on aquatic, tundra, grassland, forest and desert biomes.
Gene Almanac
A product of the DNA Learning Center at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory, this excellent website offers easy-to-understand explanations of genes and heredity, and a collection of useful links.


Plants for the Future
Information on 7000 edible and medicinal plants. Includes habitat, range, cultivation and special characteristics.
Scott’s Botanical Links
Aimed at high school and college students, this site rates, annotates, and archives plant-related web sites.


American Chemical Society: Educator
Resources for students and educators from the American Chemical Society.
The Periodic Table on the WWW: Web Elements
The most complete online periodic table.

Earth Sciences

Earthquake Information
Produced by the U.S. Geological Survey, this website offers current information on earthquake activity in the United States and around the globe.
Geologic Hazards
Data, images, and dynamic maps on earthquakes, geomagnetism, landslides, and volcanoes.
Volcano World
A colorful site with a wealth of information on volcanoes.


Ohio Environmental Protection Agency
An easy-to-use site for information from the Ohio EPA.
The Right-To-Know Network
Find information on toxic releases and housing on RTK Net.
Sites by Subject · Environment
Find websites that provide information about the environment.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
The official EPA website with regulations and other detailed information.


The Mineral and Gemstone Kingdom
A free educational site about minerals and gems. It gives data on chemical group, color, streak, hardness, etc., and it provides lots of images.
U.S. Geological Survey
Comprehensive earth science information from the USGS.


A+ Math
Practice basic arithmetic skills at this site which features flash cards, games, and a Homework Helper.
Biographies of Women Mathematicians
Search alphabetically or chronologically for brief biographies of women mathematicians.
Cornell University Library Math Book Collection
This site offers access to 571 scanned "classic" math texts held in Cornell's library. You can browse by author or title.
The MacTutor History of Mathematics Archive
Use this site to research mathematicians, mathematics as used in various cultures, or many other math-related topics.
The Math Forum
A comprehensive gateway to all types of math resources for students, teachers, parents and professionals.
Useful for calculating feet and meters, time zones, kitchen measures and more.

Nobel Prizes

Nobel Prizes
Learn about the Nobel Prize winners in physics, chemistry, and medicine on the official website.


American Physics Society
The APS site contains lots of great information on physics, for everyone from students and teachers to physicists.
Searcheable database of physics resources. The site uses natural language software to answer your question with a series of relevant and accurate web sites from its database of refereed resources. Free registration required.

Science Fairs

The Akron-Summit County Public Library Science Fair Project Index
The Akron-Summit County Public Library electronic Science Fair Project Index is a searchable database of materials published since 1990. You can search by subject, experiment title, grade level, or by bibliographic information. The website also includes links to quite a few internet pages devoted to science fair project information.
California Energy Commission
Advice and ideas for projects in solar, chemical, hydro-power, and other energy topics for grades K-12.
California State Science Fair
Ideas for science projects plus information on previous science fair winning projects for grades 6-12.
IPL2 Science Fair Project Guide
(K-12) This website provides a comprehensive guide to science fair projects, including links to museums, universities, and magazines which offer articles and project ideas for science fairs.
Library of Congress - Science Fairs
The Science Tracer Bullet Series comprises bibliographic guides to help in locating materials on specific subjects in science and technology, including science fairs. For K-12.
Science Buddies
This resource offers a Topic Selection Wizard, Ask an Expert online bulletin board, and a detailed guide to completing a science fair project.
Science Fair Handbook
Ideas, strategies, and techniques for teachers planning science fair programs.
Science Fair Idea Exchange
This website offers not only project ideas but information on technical details, such as how to do averages and graphs. For grades 6-9.
World Wide Web Virtual Library Science Fairs
A list of every science fair page accessible via the Web, with links to local, national, international, and virtual competitions. Grades K-12.

Specifications & Standards

American National Standards Institute
Current information about the ANSI Federation and international standards-related activities.
NIST Laboratories
This link page provides easy access to a wide variety of measurement and standards laboratories operated by or affiliated with the National Institute of Standards and Technology.


Directory of World Wide Rail Sites
A useful collection of links to model railroad and railroad travel sites.
National Motor Freight Traffic Association
The website to find how to get the SCAC, SPLC, and NMFC for transportation and shipping.
Shay Locomotives
An online research site for Shay Locomotives complete with data sheets.