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Detailed information on nearly 14 million U.S. companies, organizations, and agencies, and 205 million U.S. residents. Search the business database by company name, sales volume, SIC codes, number of employees, product lines, and more. Search the residential database by name, geographical area, or phone number.

Addresses & Phone Numbers

All Area Codes
Allows you to lookup area codes for all the states, cities, and other areas serviced under the North American Numbering Plan.
Residential (white pages), business (yellow pages), and toll-free directory.
Cincinnati Bell Yellow Pages
Find a Cincinnati Business by name, phone number, or keyword.
Phone numbers, email addresses and more for businesses. Find out how to reach a real human being!
How to Call Abroad: International Calling Guide
Provides country codes, instructions, and tips for making international phone calls.
Online links to international phone books.
The Internet 800 Directory
If AnyWho, InfoSpace, and Switchboard didn't find an 800 number there's still this toll-free only directory to check.
LincMad’s Area Codes and Splits
Explains the area code system, lists recent and upcoming splits and overlays, and includes maps of the area codes.
Residential (white pages), business (yellow pages), and toll-free directory. Also includes a Reverse (Criss-Cross) look-up by address or phone number.
Toll-Free Numbers and Web Sites of the Airlines
Directory of toll-free numbers and web sites of the airlines.
Convenient and powerful site that performs residential searches by name, address or telephone number, and business searches by category, name, proximity to a address, or map location.

Zip & Postal Codes

Canadian Postal Codes
The official Canadian Postal Code look-up site.
ZIP Code Lookup
Search for zip codes on the United States Postal Service site.