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What Kids are Saying About Among the Hidden

I really enjoyed this book. I have read all of the books in he series so far. I really like among the hidden the best! I LOVED all of them but for some reason among the hidden sticks out above the rest. It was so sad when je and a lot of other third children died and luke had to leave his family. I loved it though. Right now I am doing a report on margaret peterson haddix in l.a. I am really having fun learning all about u and what inspired you. i think is great how you got the idea of writing these books. ;-)
-Carly, age 12

i loved the book and at first i didnt even want to read it but i had to for a book report, and as i was reading it i felt a little sad about how people were only allowed to have only 2 kids and i just think that was wrong but other then that i liked the book.i think that every kid should read this book.
-Domanique, age 12

I live in Gerogia and when my friend from illinois told me about an awsome book I had to read it. As I read this book I saw how many things are wrong in the thoughts of what is happening now and I can now truly understand this book better than any other because of how it is described throughout the book. It was awsome! :) HAGWB (have a great winter break)
-Elisandra, age 13

I am currently reading this book in LA as a book study and so far, I think it's a awesome book. TWO THUMBS UP!
-Matt, age 13

I have read the whole series and it is a great yet sort of scary book. Teachers would probably want the kids to read them. Even though nothing like this will ever happen thanks to checks and balances it is still a great book to read.
-Susan, age 13

Best book ever, gets my vote for best book of the year.
-E dogg, age 13

At school someone told me it was such a good book so of course I had to see what I thought of it. I loved the first and third book but I didn't care much for the second one!
-Skyelan, age 11

This book is one of the best books I have read! It's great! I love Jen's personality.
-Jutin, age 13

This is an awsome book I have read each one so far and the suspense is killing me! I highly recommend this book to young readers because it shows how dreams and wishes can have many twists and turns. I love this book! Love to all my peeps in Chicago and Geogia who reccomended this book to me!!!
-Ellis, age 13

I read this book for school a couple of years ago, and I enjoyed it. I was just remembering it a little bit and am thinking about re-reading it. My brother made a statement about the book, saying that it would be a great movie. I would have to agree. <33
-Kristen, age 13

This book and all the other books that go with this one are awesome!! I love them all. I am always excited to read the next one!
-Ally, age 14

I thought is was an O.K. book. I have read better books this year.
-Caimen, age 11

This book was amazing with lots of suspense and action. I think that everyone should have their own copy of the series. It was great. I'm going to continue reading the series...till they end!
-Julie, age 10

This book has been awsome i just finished it!!! It was da bawm!!!! If you havent read it ur missin out!!
-Hailey, age 10

This book wasn't the best book I ever read but it was in the cateogry of greatest books I've ever read.
-Erika, age 13

I HATED this book!!!!!!!!!!!!.
-Eliza, age 12

It is the best book I have ever read.
-Jack, age 11

Omg this book is great!!! Read now!!
-DJC, age 13

I havn't met anyone who has not liked these books. I'd have to say if you havn't read these books then you don't know r fav book!!!!!!!!!
-Alican, age 13

This book was pretty sad. WAHHHHHH! But it was a good book.
-X, age 12

OMG! This book is the best book I have ever read. I love it so much I bought the book. I'm going to read the rest of the series!
-K, age 12

Ohh jezz these was a grewatt book! you HAVE to read it <3
-Marissa, age 13

OMG! World's greatest book! I don't know any one that hasn't liked it!
-KC, age 12

It was a wicked book, lots of suspense and mystery. Awesome!
-Jessica, age 13

Oh my gosh if you haven't read these books then shame on you!!!! You've got to read them!!!!!!!!!!
-Alison, age 12

This is the best book I have read in a while! I loved it. I wanna read the rest of them!!
-Katy, age 11

This was a really good book! It was really cute but sad! I recommend it to anyone! PEASH!
-Alex, age 13

I love this book.
-Kaitlyn, age 11

I read this book for school. I thought that it was very good. Among the Hidden is full of suprises. The other books are even better.

This is my second time reading it. You should read it and read other books in the series.
-Taylor, age 10

OK, I read this book, and boy is it delicous! LOL! All the books in the series are. But my personal fav. is "Among The Betrayed."
-Adora, age 12

This book is awesome!!!! You have to read it!!! You also have to read the other books in the series!!!!
-Bethany, age 12

Among the Hidden is a very interesting book full of suspense, interest, and surprises that just pop out at you. At first I thought it was boring, but once I got to the middle, I couldn't put the book down.
-Sweetheart, age 12

The Shadow Children series are the best. My friend recommended this book and it's awesome. The author has the most creative ideas, oh, and the sixth book is called Among the Enemy...I think.
-Susan, age 12

I liked this book!
-Ashlee, age 14

Very interesting, very suprising, made me think a lot.
-Jeffrey, age 11

The ending is kinda bad, I don't recomend it to people of the age 9 and under because they won't understand it as much but overall it had a good story. It was boring at first but the book got really exciting at the middle and it just makes you wanna read more.
-G-unit, age 12

I also had to read this book for school. I didn't think it was very good at first, but then I actually got into it. I think it was really cool the way she wrote it. How does she come up with these things? They are so strange but exciting. My teacher told us to read a certain number of pages each night, but I read ahead because it was so interesting and I really wanted to go on. I haven't read any other books by Margret Peterson Haddix, but I think I will go to the bookstore and get some because they are so good.
-Morgan, age 11

This book was so compelling I couldn't put it down! My friend Hannah recommended it to me. It was suspensful and breathtaking. Margaret Peterson Haddix is an inspiring writer!
-Cassie, age 11

I have read all of the books in this series, and I have to say, this one is my favorite. There is so much action in it, and I can really relate to Jen, not because im a third child, but because I seem to act like her. It's awesome the way she ties all of her books together, and they sort of overlap. But I do have one question, will there be a sixth book? She always keeps you guessing.
-Talia, age 14

I loved this book so much. I thought it was wrong though about only two kids a family. I have read the whole series and there is one question I does she get these ideas!?!?
-Brittany, age 14

I really loved this book and I think you will too. Please read this book. You'll be happy with the outcome. T.Y. to Sr. Anne for recommending this book to me.
-Tammy, age 13

I loved this book because it told me about how much I should respect my life because I am a 4th child. I can't wait to read more of her books. I couldn't put it down. I would have to say that this is the best book I have ever read!!!
-Tamara, age 13

I though this book was very good and suspenseful!! I hope you read it and enjoy it as much as I did!!
-Sarah, age 14

I like this book because it is tight. It feels the Population Police are actually after you. It feels like you are Jen getting shot. That is the best part. I recommend this book to anyone who needs an awakening from the boring things in life.
-Jordan, age 12

There was something exciting on every page. I love books like that.
-Josh, age 12

I like this book because Luke meets another third child named Jen. I didn't like this book because Jen was going to a rally to get third children to come out of hiding.
-Vanessa, age 11

I really like this book. I've read many of her books, but I liked this one best. Many things happened in the book. This book excited me as a mystery came up and I didn't want to put it down.
-Laurence, age 13

It is a good book. I liked that he tried to be brave and find other children like him.
-Nick, age 11

I had to read this book for school. I thought it was an okay book. I don't really like to read but I kinda enjoyed this book. This is a great book to read for an English book report.

I like the book because it was exciting and fun.
-Emily, age 13

I liked the book. My favorite part was how he found another third child.
-Jacob, age 12

It was a very exciting and good book.
-Kelsi, age 11

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