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cover of The Warlord's Son

Novels Set in Afghanistan

The Warlord's Son
Dan Fesperman
An American reporter hires a local guide, the son of a traditional warlord, on a journey into Afghanistan after 9/11, not realizing that he has put both of them in danger.

The Mulberry Empire
Philip Hensher
One chapter in Afghanistan's contentious history is told in this novel about the disastrous British occupation of Kabul in 1839.

M. E. Hirsh
A wedding in 1973 is the last day of unity for a Kabul family, who are scattered by Daoud's military coup and the ensuing Soviet invasion.

The Swallows of Kabul
Yasmina Khadra
Under the repressive Taliban regime, the lives of two ordinary Afghan couples become tragically intertwined.