Further Reading

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Other Novels of Family, Friendship, Exile, and War-Torn Lands

Diana Abu-Jaber
This haunting love story between an Arab-American chef and an Iraqi exile is set in an immigrant community in Los Angeles during the reign of Saddam Hussein.

The Tree of Red Stars
Tessa Bridal
A girl comes of age, politically and emotionally, under the military dictatorship of 1980s Uruguay.

House of Sand and Fog
Andre Dubus III
An Iranian immigrant in San Francisco struggles to re-establish the life of comfort and power he once led as a colonel in the shah's army, leading only to tragedy.

In the Walled Gardens
In the Walled Gardens
Childhood friends from two different classes become star-crossed lovers in the tense final days of the shah's Iran.

Heaven's Edge
Romesh Gunesekera
A Londoner travels to his grandfather's homeland (a fictional country much like Sri Lanka) to search for his long-lost father, but becomes caught up in the island's devastating civil conflict.

The Blood Latitudes
William Harrison
A retired American journalist hunts for his missing son in the bloody killing fields of Rwanda in this powerful novel about a father's love and a country's disintegration.

A Sky So Close
Betool Khedairi
Torn between her father's and her mother's cultures, an Iraqi/British girl comes of age in the Iraqi countryside and Baghdad as war sweeps over her country.

The Last Life
Claire Messud
A French-Algierian teenager looks back with painful honesty on her family's complex life in exile.

The Depths of the Sea
Jamie Metzl
In a taut spy thriller with harrowing moral depths, a CIA officer searches for the Cambodian agent he once rescued as a war orphan during the Vietnam War.

Anil's Ghost
Michael Ondaatje
A forensic anthropologist returns to her native Sri Lanka to help identify the bodies of secret war crime victims, but her investigation imperils both herself and her colleague's family.

Natasha Radojcic-Kane
A Muslim soldier's homecoming to his Bosnian village is doomed from the start by family history, broken friendships, and the ethnic violence that has torn his country apart.

The God of Small Things
Arundhati Roy
Family troubles, class prejudices, and political and ethnic unrest divide the lives of two young Indian twins, who are not reunited for thirty years.

Kamila Shamsie
Family secrets and factionalism divide two Pakistani friends until they return to Karachi as adults to confront old ghosts.