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Islamic Art & Architecture

Islamic Art and Architecture
Robert Hillenbrand
In this survey, Hillenbrand explores the development of a wide range of Islamic art forms including, architecture, calligraphy, book illumination, painting, ceramics, textiles, and metalwork.

Islamic Art and Architecture, 650-1250
Richard Ettinghausen
An overview of early Islamic art and architecture: "Authoritative, highly readable, and beautifully produced."

Splendors of Islam: Architecture, Decoration and Design
Dominique Clevenot
In this lavishly illustrated survey of Islamic architecture, Clevenot discusses the techniques, material, and ornamental motifs used by the builders and decorative artists and examines the relationship between the buildings and their ornamental coverings.

Modern Islamic Art: Development and Continuity
Wijdan Ali
An art historian, and lecturer at the Institute of Diplomacy in Amman, Jordan offers a country by country overview of the development of contemporary art in Arabic society and explores how Western culture has affected "traditional aesthetics."

Venice & the East: The Impact of the Islamic World on Venetian Architecture, 1100-1500
Deborah Howard
This lively and richly illustrated book investigates the influence of oriental trade and travel on medieval Venice and its architecture.

Bazaar to Piazza: Islamic Trade and Italian Art, 1300-1600
Rosamond E. Mack
Mack explores how the bustling trade in luxury goods from the Islamic and Asian countries influenced Italian decorative and pictorial arts.

The Legacy of Genghis Khan: Courtly Art and Culture in Western Asia, 1256-1353
Exhibition catalog from the Metropolitan Museum of Art detailing the artistic and cultural traditions that emerged after the Mongol conquest of Asia.

Central Asian Art
This title spotlights the art and architecture of Khirgizia, Tadjikistan, Turkmenia, and Uzbekistan.

Glass from Islamic Lands
Stefano Carboni
Detailed descriptions and photographs of hundreds of masterpieces from the al-Sabah collection of Islamic glass in the Kuwait National Museum.

Gardens of Delight: The Great Islamic Gardens
Take a tour through the magnificent gardens of Spain, India, Pakistan, Syria, and Morocco.

Urban Form in the Arab World: Past and Present
Stefano Bianca
Bianca offers readers an analysis of historic urban Arab structures and explores how some of these architectural patterns can be adopted in a contemporary context.

Contemporary Architecture in the Arab States: Renaissance of a Region
Udo Kultermann
In this survey, Kultermann explores how geopolitical changes (in particular the discovery of oil) have altered architectural developments in the Middle East.

Architecture of the Islamic World: Its History and Social Meaning
This "panoramic survey" from leading experts in Islamic architecture is supported with hundreds of photographs, drawings, plans, and a comprehensive inventory of key monuments of Islamic architecture.

Legacies for the Future: Contemporary Architecture in Islamic Societies
The Aga Khan Award for Architecture recognizes examples of architectural excellence encompassing contemporary design, community development, housing, restoration, re-use, and area conservation, as well as landscaping and environmental issues. The seven projects in this volume received the 1998 Aga Khan Award.

Veil: Modesty, Privacy, and Resistance
Fadwa El Guindi
Drawing on original ethnographical field work, Islamic textual sources, and ethnographic analysis of historical works, El Guindi attempts to present a full analysis and understanding of the practice of veiling.

Languages of Dress in the Middle East
This collection of ethnographic essays examine the historical origins of various articles of clothing and the "metaphorical language" of apparel in the Middle East.

Artistic Expressions of Faith in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
This catalog features forty works of art from the collections of the Cincinnati Art Museum, the Taft Museum, Hebrew Union College Skirball Museum, and the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati, representing outstanding examples of the "beautiful expressions of religious faith" in art, architecture, and ritual objects.

Islamic Metalwork
R. M. Ward
Ward traces the range of materials, techniques, styles, and decorative motifs of Islamic metalwork from the seventh to the fifteenth century.

Islamic Designs for Artists and Craftpeople
Eva Wilson
Collection of copyright free ornamental patterns (calligraphic, decorative, and geometric) created by Muslim artists.

Islamic Calligraphy
Yasin Hamid Safadi
Supported with examples by noted calligraphers, Safadi traces the history and development of this glorious art form.

Music and Musical Instruments in the World of Islam
Jean Jenkins
Published in conjunction with an exhibit at the British Museum, this book offers an overview of classical music in Islamic countries and information about the various instruments used by the musicians.

The Quranic Art of Calligraphy and Illumination
Martin Lings
Enjoy beautiful full-page photographs of some of the finest examples of calligraphy from the libraries and museums of Istanbul, Cairo, Tehran, Mashhad, Shiraz, Tunis, Kairouan, Dublin, San Lorenzo del Escorial, Paris, and Manchester.

Samarkand, Bukara, Khiva
Pierre Chuvin
Chuvin documents the spectacular artistic heritage of architecture and decoration in the Central Asian cities of Samarkand, Bukara, and Khiva through photographs of their fantastic mosques, fortresses, and residences.