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Afghanistan Revealed
In 2000, the journalist Sebastian Junger embarked on a dangerous journey into a remote area of the country to interview a legendary leader of the anti-Taliban resistance movement. An intimate and vivid portrait of Afghanistan.

Pictures for the Sky
Working with Japanese kite-masters, famous artists from around the world created art kites, which were used to turn the sky above Himeji, Japan into "a playground for their world of paintings."

The Victor Weeps
Photographer/journalist Fazal Sheikh travels through Afghanistan documenting the ravages of the civil war and the Soviet occupation of the country.

Islam, Empire of Faith
PBS program about the rise and growth of Islam, from the birth of Prophet Muhammad in the 6th century to the ascension of the Ottoman Empire, under Suleyman the Magnificent 1,000 years later.

Suleyman the Magnificent
This documentary explores the breathtaking palaces and mosques of the Ottoman Empire and focuses on the dramatic life and personality of Sultan Suleyman, the Empire's greatest leader.

When the World Spoke Arabic: The Golden Age of Arab Civilization
A twelve-volume series that traces the most significant cultural, scientific, and technical achievements of the Arab empire.

Operation Enduring Freedom: America Fights Back
Co-produced by the Department of Defense this film presents the U.S. military's perspective on actions in Afghanistan post-September 11.

U.S.--Afghanistan Relations: Gaining Perspective
ABC News Nightline broadcast about the complexities of America's relationship with Afghanistan since the Cold War.

In the Company of Warlords
An examination of the obstacles (corruption, lack of centralized authority, ethnic/religious clashes, etc.) facing the U.S. and its allies in their efforts to stabilize Afghanistan.

Afghanistan through Women's Eyes
An intimate portrait of a seldom-seen side of Afghanistan emerges from this documentary about the secret schools, orphanages, and clinics run by the Revolutionary Afghan Womens Association.

The Search for the Afghan Girl
In 1984, a striking young Afghan woman with haunting green eyes captured the attention of the world when her picture appeared on the cover of National Geographic magazine. It would take a National Geographic team nearly seventeen years to identify and find the woman again.

Trail of a Terrorist
This program traces an Algerian-born terrorist's trained in Afghanistan and his travels within the international terrorist network, his entry into Canada using a false passport, his apprehension, trial, and imprisonment, and his cooperation with authorities in exchange for a reduced sentence.

Wars in Peace: Iran-Iraq, Afghanistan
Overview of the Iran-Iraq War (1980-1988) and an examination of the Soviet Union's invasion of Afghanistan.

The Message: The Story of Islam
Originally released in 1976, this movie offers a chronicle of the life of the Prophet Mohammed and the founding of Islam.

When a twelve-year-old girl's widowed mother and grandmother are forced by the Taliban to give up their jobs and go into seclusion, the young girl decides to disguise herself as a boy to save her family from starvation.

An Afghan journalist, who fled to Canada shortly before the Taliban rose to power, learns that her sister plans to commit suicide rather than live under an oppressive regime. Determined to rescue her sister, Nafas embarks on a difficult, perilous journey through war-ravaged Afghanistan.

In This World
As two Afghan boys travel from Pakistan through Iran, Turkey, Italy, and France in search of refuge in London, the desperate measures they take to escape persecution are revealed.