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The Kite Runner was one of the very few books that actually kept me gripped until the end. It opened up my eyes to the harsh realities of what life can be in Afghanistan, and this realistic approach is what makes the novel so moving. Hosseini has cleverly and effectively portrayed the familial relationships, as well as the cruel segregation of society into classes. Definitely one of the best books I've read in a while!

The kite runner is one of my favorite books. i must say that it made me cry. Hosseini has wonderfully written the book with the Afghanistan history. Thanks to him i now know what they had to go through because of talibans. Hats off to you Hosseni!!!!!!!!!!

I believe that this book is a perfect example of atonement for sins and the fact that certain people steal certain things. Things such as lives, items and stealing the truth from someone! This book is also a good example of father-son relationships and friendships. I would recommend reading this book. It's full of suspense and heartwarming scenes.
-Anonymous in New York

The Kite Runner is a gut-wrenching stories with so many shattering moments. It made my heart ache to hear about the cruelty of human kind. I am not afraid to admit that I cried throughout many moments of this wonderful story. Khaled Hosseini deserves a medal for his work. I truly think that he is one of the greatest writers. This book is definitely one of my favorites. I seriously was not aware of all the horrors that went on in Afghanistan at the hands of the Taliban. I feel so bad inside, and wish with all my heart that I could do something to remove such a horrible time from our history. As a person, I am truly ashamed. On a lighter note, I would recommend this book to anyone who doesn't mind facing the truth about humankind written in a wonderfully horrible way. I love The Kite Runner. Amir and Hassan will definitely live forever in my memories, though they are fictional.

We found this novel an inspiring and engaging text to study. It was set for our final year exams in English. I'm looking forward to his next novel.
-Anonymous in Melbourne, Australia

This book was a spectacular rollercoaster ride of twists and turns that left me hooked, I never wanted to put the book down. This book was very well written and I would recommend it to any person looking for a good read.

The Kite Runner is a simultaneously heart-wreanching and heart-warming story with an emotionally compelling plot. Like many I know who read it, I cried. It is such a beautiful story of love and friendship twisted with tragedy and betrayal. And finally in the end comes redemption. It also enlightened me as to the events that have taken place in Afghanistan. I felt such sadness in knowing the historical plot line in the book was accurate. I would recommend this book to everyone, it gave me renewed compassion to help those around me.

I loved this book! I was born in Afghanistan but left after the war to America when I was 3. So, I would like to thank the author for teaching me so much about my beautiful country. Thank you for this book because it shows people what Afghanistan and its people went through!

Well, what is there left to say??? All the above book reviews speak for themselves!!! Get down to your local book store and get a copy of the Kite Runner. It is compelling and has a powerful grip on your perspective of friendship, guilt, hardship and courage. I must read.

This was an amazing book. You feel as if you can relate to the characters and their emotional and physical feelings, their problems, and their solutions. It's the most powerful book I have read by far. I couldn't wait to tell everyone to read this book, especially those who are willing to read and explore. I wanted to post summaries and reviews of this book everywhere on the internet. I'm actually a seventh grader, but I can't stop thinking about and remembering this great book. It was gifted to me by my tenth grade brother, and I'm very lucky to have listened to him and read it. I can't wait to pick up Khaled Hosseini's next book called "Dreaming in Titanic City."

Great Book. I feel like reading it over again. I just couldn't stop reading it. My teacher suggested me to read this book because I love reading especially novels, so I borrowed the book from my school library and after reading it I need a copy of the book so badly & I'm gonna buy it. I wish the author best of luck for his next book.

This book was highly recommended to me by a stranger while I was searching through Barnes & Noble for a good read. I too could not put it down once I began reading. I completed the book in a few short days. It was by far the most powerful book that I have ever read. I was completely captured by this author and physically moved to a space of strong emotion and goosebumps! I felt as though I wanted to carry the book with me, and advise everyone that they MUST read the was awesome! Thank you Khaled for coming to America!

This book was very good...I loved the conflicts of the novel. I just finished reading it as a freshman in school and I am now writing an essay on it!! Well, wish me luck!.

I read this book with a class, I think it was very well written. Excellent work by the author.

I read this book for a class and I thought it was one of the best books that I have read in a long time.

Like everyone else, I thought it was a thought provoking story of relationships. I found it interesting that there was a recent story in the newspapers regarding the banning of kite flying in Pakistan because of the deaths among the spectators due to the glass and wires used.

Awesome book!...Couldn't put it down. Can't wait for the next book:)

I read this book in my gr 12 English class. I think this book was just beautifully written, certainly a page turner. Also, I absolutely loved it. I love reading and the Kite Runner was for sure one of the best ones I have read. Also, for all you readers out there, try The Beginning and the End by Naguib Mahfouz. It's a great book.

Could not put it down-even for sleep. Advice: do not start the book during finals week.

This was such a great book, I've referred it to everyone I know.

I recently read the book in my AP English class. I had heard so much about it and figured I would give it a try. Once I began reading it I couldn't put it down. The universal themes of the novel can relate to all and create a movie story. It is definitely one of the best novels I have read.

I am currently reading this book in college and it is a great read. It is like many people said it is as if you are the characters in the book, it is so real.I am glad my teacher told me to read this book. I give it 5 stars for it being easy to read and get into. This book is hard to put down once you start. I recommend this book to everyone who wants an adventure that is inexpensive. I do hope you enjoy it as much as I have.

It is an excellent book, that I could not put down at all, I read the whole book in 4 nights. It is great, I want to personally thank Mr. Hosseini for writing such an excellent novel. I found it fascinating and I learned a lot about my country from this book. Mr. Hosseini, thank you very much.

We are reading The Kite Runner in college and I love it. The novel is so powerful that it actually feels like you are there. I also became very interested in the Afghan culture, this is truly a remarkable novel.

Some of the plot's turns and twists may be somewhat implausible, but Hosseini has created characters that seem so real that one almost forgets that The Kite Runner is a novel and not a memoir. At a time when Afghanistan has been thrust into the forefront of America's collective consciousness ("people sipping lattes at Starbucks were talking about the battle for Kunduz"), Hosseini offers an honest, sometimes tragic, sometimes funny, but always heartfelt view of a fascinating land. Perhaps the only true flaw in this extraordinary novel is that it ends all too soon.

Truly a thought-provoking novel one will not put down until its last page.

The beginning of the book moves somewhat slowly, but eventually I became hooked! How does Mr. Hosseini manage to draw the reader into the story so profoundly? An amazing novel, especially for a first-time novelist. I highly recommend reading it.

This was one of the most moving books I have read in a long time. It opens your eyes to another world, yet the same problems of lifetime guilt, but set in the powerful world of Taliban ruled Afganistan. I was moved and changed by the experiences of the people in this novel. A powerful novel that has the power to change our lives and make us more humane to humanity and realize how small some of our realities really if we view in a world perspective.
-Eileen M.

Excellent book! I bought a copy and sent it to a friend in Uzbekistan who is passing it around the ex-pats living there. I am looking forward to more from Hosseini.
-E. Read

I couldn't put it down. Was insightful on the struggles of people in Afghanistan however, was truly a story about the relationships between people I am hosted a bookclub this month we read this book. Thinking about making a kite...
-N. Wallace

I liked it. This author has a way of drawing the reader in, and using common daily incidents with side issues to move his story along. Good plot, good characters, good settings and good pace. I would read this author again.
-A. Brown

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