Further Reading


The Hideout
Eve Bunting
Resentful of his new stepfather, Andy runs away planning to contact his biological father in England. Andy fools around in the lobby of a swanky hotel and swipes a key to the most expensive suite in the hotel. Andy begins to enjoy life in the hotel until a ransom note he writes leads to unexpected complications.

So What Do You Do?
Douglas Evans
Charlie is stunned to discover his beloved third grade teacher Mr. Adams is a bum living in the city park. Charlie and his friend Colleen bring food and clothing to Mr. Adams who refuses to acknowledge them. With the help of flamboyant Otto Anderson, a professional panhandler, Charlie and Colleen attempt to understand Mr. Adams' situation.

Money Hungry
Sharon Flake
Raspberry has had a rough poverty-bound existence. After her father freaked out on drugs, Raspberry and her mother lived on the streets, in an old car, and with various friends. Now they have an apartment in the projects. Raspberry is determined she will never be that poor again. She scrambles to find various entrepreneurial projects to add to her increasing hoard.

Monkey Island
Paula Fox
Clay finds himself living out on the streets when his pregnant and despairing mother fails to come home to their welfare hotel room. He is befriended by a couple of street people, but even they can't protect him from the horrors of his new life. Clay longs to get back into the welfare system, find his mother, and readjust to a normal life.

Keesha's House
Helen Frost
Keesha, running away from her mean father, finds a refuge in Joe's big, old house. She tells other runaways about the place. Joe, once a runaway himself, lets the troubled teens stay as long as they want. Seven other teens, each facing a desperate problem and who have parents who don't understand them, join the household.

The Maze
Will Hobbs
Rick is in a juvenile detention facility. Fearing he will be beaten up, Rick breaks out of the facility and begins hitchhiking. He finds himself in a national park, and comes upon the campsite of Leo, a bird biologist. Just as Rick becomes interested in Leo's wild condor project, he discovers ranchers are smuggling illegal weapons into the canyon.

Charlie's Run
Valerie Hobbs
Angry with his parents over their impending divorce, Charlie runs away. He hooks up with Doo, another runaway, who is fleeing her abusive stepfather. After spending some time on the streets, Charlie realizes his own family life isn't so bad after all.

The Wild Kid
Harry Mazer
Kevin, a survival-smart kid, is at home in the woods: Sammy, a boy with Down's Syndrome, stumbles into the woods, hopelessly lost. The two develop an unusual friendship. Sammy wants to go home, but Kevin, fearful that Sammy will be institutionalized, refuses to let him go. A serious crisis tests the depth of their friendship.