Further Reading

Making Connections

Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes
Chris Crutcher
Scarred by a horrible accident, Sarah has always been a good friend to fat Eric. But, after joining the swim team, Eric begins to lose weight. He is afraid Sarah will think he has betrayed her, but he can't keep the weight on. As Sarah sinks into mental illness, Eric tries desperately to come to terms with his feelings.

Keeping the Moon
Sarah Dessen
Colie is used to being tormented at school for her appearance. She has now lost a lot of weight, and she hopes she can become someone new and different. During a visit to her Aunt Mira, Colie sees how harshly the townspeople treat her aunt, an eccentric, overweight artist. Two sassy waitresses show Colie how friendship can cushion life's brutality.

Crossing Jordan
Adrian Fogelin
Cass and Jemmie are new neighbors who quickly become fast friends. When Cass's white father and Jemmie's African American mother forbid their friendship, the girls take turns leaving notes for each other in a special place. A family crisis brings some acceptance between the families allowing the girls to delight in each other's company.

While You Were Out
Judith Irvin Kuns
Penelope's best friend Tim died of cancer over the summer. As a new school year starts, Penelope misses Tim dreadfully. She writes notes to him on those pink message slips that begin "while you were out." With the help of her janitor father, Penelope eventually understands she must open up and make new friends regardless of how difficult can be.

Three Clams and an Oyster
Randy Powell
The members of a flag football team named Three Clams and an Oyster need another player, as the current Oyster, Cade Savage, is not reliable. One of the best candidates is a girl jock, but Flint McCallister and the other Clams worry she might not fit in with the guys. Only Flint can decide how much control he can give up as he contemplates new possibilities for the team.

Arthur Slade
Percy copes with the death of his father by classifying his classmates into various tribes such as the Lipstick/Hairspray Tribe or the Logo Tribe. As a "quasi-omniscient observer," Percy has only to watch his classmates and write comments in his notebook. But unknown factors soon may force Percy to become an active player in real life.

Jerry Spinelli
Stargirl arrives out of nowhere and immediately becomes the talk of the school due to the odd and whimsical things she does. Cool guy Leo becomes thoroughly smitten by her. When Stargirl unknowingly breaks a taboo of the school, everyone begins to give her the silent treatment. Leo must choose between keeping his relationship with Stargirl, who is now a social outcast, or maintaining his popularity.

Natasha Friend
Isabelle deals with her father's death by binging and purging food. After her younger sister catches her throwing up, Isabelle is sent to a therapy group. Isabelle is stunned to discover the most popular girl in school is in the same group. Isabel comes to learn that she must deal with her grief in a more positive way.