Further Reading

Death of a Sibling

Many Stones
Carolyn Coman
Berry finds solace in placing stones one by one on her chest, weighing her down just like her anger and sorrow. Her older sister was murdered a year ago, and Berry's take-charge father insists she accompany him to South Africa to help unveil her sister's memorial. As they travel together, Berry realizes her father is having a tough time adjusting too.

Getting Near to Baby
Audrey Couloumbis
Willa Jo's life started unraveling when her youngest sister (Baby) died after drinking some tainted water at a county fair. Willa Jo climbs upon the roof of Aunt Patty's house trying to sort out her tangled thoughts and emotions. She reviews the circumstances leading up to her sister's death, the darkness of silence that fell on their house afterward, and the fumbling efforts of well-meaning friends and family who try to help in this time of need.

The Sacrifice
Diane Matcheck
Her twin brother was destined to be a great warrior. "Weak-one-who-will-not-last" knows she must prove herself to be as great as her brother might have been. She confronts the wilds of nature and the wildness of animals in order to prove her strength. Upon being captured by a hostile tribe, she learns that she is intended to be offered as a sacrifice to the Morning Star. However, in a bold act of courage, she escapes to find a new name and a new life.

Mick Harte Was Here
Barbara Park
Phoebe comes to terms with her brother's death in a bicycle accident by telling humorous and endearing stories about the events of his life. While she can't get over the fact that he wasn't wearing a helmet, Phoebe eventually realizes that keeping Mick in her heart means she will always have him near.

Remembering Mog
Colby Rodowsky
Annie lost her older sister Mog two years ago. Annie is now graduating from high school and will be venturing into uncharted territory that she never got to explore under her big sister's guidance. She spends her summer trying to decide what happens next as she also tries to sort out her growing attraction to Mog's old boyfriend.

Shadow Falls
Amy Kathleen Ryan
Insecure Annie and her outgoing brother Cody often spent summers with their grandfather in the Wyoming wilderness. After Cody's death in a climbing accident, Annie reluctantly returns to Wyoming alone. She blames her stern grandfather for teaching Cody the sport of mountain climbing. She eventually learns to open her heart.

Striking Out
Will Weaver
Billy Baggs was responsible for the tractor accident that led to his older brother's death. He has never really been forgiven by his stern and hardworking farm family. But when Billy's raw talent catches the eye of a baseball coach, his mother comes up with a plan to earn some extra farm income so that Billy can play baseball.

Carolina Autumn
Carol Lynch Williams
Even though it's been a year since her father and her sister were killed in a plane crash, Carolina is still struggling to cope with her loss. Carolina comes to understand that her family was not perfect before her sister's death, just as it is not perfect now. With this knowledge, she begins to reach out to her grieving mother in a slow yet hopeful process.