Further Reading

Teen Readers: Fiction Featuring Characters with Autistic Syndrome Disorders

Al Capone Does My Shirts
Gennifer Choldenko
Moving from California to Alcatraz Island so that his autistic younger sister can attend a special school doesn't give twelve-year-old Moose much to be happy about, until he meets Piper, the mischievous daughter of the prison's warden.

A Wizard Alone
Diane Duane
When a young autistic wizard vanishes during his Ordeal, teenaged wizard Kit and his faithful dog Ponch set out to find the missing boy.

Wishing on the Midnight Star: My Asperger Brother
Nancy Ogaz
Thirteen-year-old Alex has a lot to handle, including a school bully, a very busy mom, his first crush and a younger brother with Asperger Syndrome

The Truth out There
Celia Rees
Confused when he realizes that his newest computer game could only have been designed by an autistic uncle said to have died years ago in an institution, Josh must deal with his mom's lie about his family's past.

Are You Alone on Purpose?
Nancy Werlin
Alison is a good girl. She takes care of her autistic twin brother, calms her mother down when she gets angry, and does her best to please her distant father. Harry Roth is the cool kid who has spent years teasing Alison. Could Alison and Harry really be falling in love?

Personal Journals

The Diary of Pelly D
L. J. Adlington
Tony V finds a hidden diary and does the unthinkable: he reads it. He discovers the life of Pelly D, a pampered girl who lived a life of luxury until mandatory genetic testing revealed a dark secret about her ancestry.

How My Private, Personal Journal Became a Bestseller
Julia DeVillers
When she accidentally turns in her private diary as an English assignment, fourteen-year-old Jaime is stunned when it becomes a bestseller.

Breathing Underwater
Alexandra Flinn
Forced to keep a journal as part of his court order to attend an anger management course, sixteen-year-old Nick examines the reasons for his angry, abusive behavior.

Alice, I Think
Susan Juby
Ever since her parents let her start first grade dressed as a Hobbit in a burlap-sack, wearing felt slippers with fake fur on the toes, Alice has been somewhat of a misfit. At fifteen, Alice is still outside the norm as she struggles to deal with her hippie parents, her therapist, and the messed-up guys she always seems to attract.

Kelly McWilliams
Next to aspiring model Melissa, Jaime feels invisible, and so she lets Melissa walk all over her. But Melissa's announcement that she may be pregnant changes everything.

Walter Dean Myers
Facing a murder charge, Steve records his courtroom and prison experiences in a movie-script-like journal as he comes to terms with his situation.

The Burn Journals
Brent Runyon
What would cause a fourteen-year-old to douse himself with gasoline and set himself on fire? Runyon explores his reasons in this autobiography.

Maata's Journal
Paul Sullivan
Maata, a seventeen-year-old Inuit girl, describes her experience trapped on an ice-bound island in 1924.

Nonfiction Books about Autism

Michele Engel Edwards
Defines autism and provides theories on its causes and treatment.

Elaine Landau
Includes basic information on symptoms, history and treatment.

Everything You Need to Know When a Brother or Sister Is Autistic
Marsha Sarah Rosenberg
Defines and discusses autism, its diagnosis and treatment.

Coping When a Brother or Sister Is Autistic
Marsha Rosenberg
Offers factual information about autism, recommendations for treatment and intervention, plus a discussion of the joys and challenges of being the sibling of an autistic child.

Nonfiction Books on Journaling/Creative Writing

Write Where You Are: How to Use Writing to Make Sense of Your Life
Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg
Combines tips on basic writing techniques with advice from authors and practical writing exercises.