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The book is the best! I find things on greek myths on the internet all the time.My teacher used it for a reading group book,and I loved it so much I read the Sea of Monsters.I looked for the 3 book but coudn't find it.Then the Titan's Curse was at my school book fair.I got it,read it,and now look forward to reading the 4 book.I think you sould write a 5,6,7,and 8 if you get that far.
-Lauren, age 9

To be honest, it wasn't all that good. It was dumb.
-Crystal, age 13

Man this book is awsome.
-Martin, age 13

great book!! teaches u bout greek mythology 2. rick u r awesome keep writing your books! me and my friends play with fake swords were so into it!! great book to read
-Jessica, age 10

I don't know wat to say i mena i love the :percy jackson and the olimpans:there the awesomeest books in the world .rick your work is awesome me and my frined love your books and im almost done with sea of monsters i hope u can make more books of this series
-Elias, age 10

The Lightning Thief is awesome! Luke is a nasty,rotting,Kronos-slave, jerk!
-Young Reader