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Feature Films & Documentaries on DVD

Aftershock: Beyond the Civil War
This History Channel show examines the uncertainty, chaos, and suffering that marked the period of Reconstruction.

Battle of Franklin: Five hours in the Valley of Death
A "painstakingly accurate" documentary about the bloody confrontation between the Army of Tennessee and the Federal infantry.

The Civil War
This award-winning PBS series by Ken Burns traces the course of the U.S. Civil War from the abolitionist movement through all the major battles to the death of President Lincoln and the beginnings of Reconstruction.

The Civil War
This compilation of episodes from Civil War Journal (a History Channel series) draws on diary entries, period documents, photographs, and re-enactments of pivotal moments from the War.

Jeff Daniels and Martin Sheen star in this film adaptation of The Killer Angels, Michael Shaara's acclaimed novel about the Battle of Gettysburg.

Gettysburg, Three Days of Destiny
Filmmaker Robert Child commemorates the 140th anniversary of the epic battle.

Guns of the Civil War
History of the weaponry used by the Confederate and Union armies.

Horses of Gettysburg
This fascinating documentary celebrates the important role that 72,000 horses and mules played on the battlefields of Gettysburg.

Images of the Civil War
This History Channel production draws on the writings of Pulitzer Prize winning author James McPherson, the work of historical artist Mort Kurstler, and re-enactments to recreate the chaos and brutality of the War.

The Last Days of the Civil War
A five-part History Channel series that recounts the final battles of the war.

The Massachusetts 54th Colored Infantry
Narrator Morgan Freeman chronicles the formation of the first northern black regiment and their service on the battlefields.

Sherman's March: the Shocking Campaign That Ended the Civil War
The documentary offers a fascinating portrait of General William Tecumseh Sherman and details how his scorched-earth strategy altered the course of the War.