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The Civil War in Photographs

Gettysburg: You Are There by Robert Clasby
Clasby examines the terrain and climactic moments of Gettysburg, not only through historical photographs, but also re-enactor images and digital reconstructions.

Great Battles of the Civil War: An Illustrated History of Courage Under Fire
This book explores the ten major confrontations of the Civil War through historical photographs, maps, paintings, and contemporary newspaper accounts and sketches.

The Images of War: 1861-1865
This project of the National Historical Society collected thousands of photographs of the Civil War in six volumes: Shadows of the Storm, The Guns of '62, The Embattled Confederacy, Fighting for Time, The South Besieged, and The End of an Era.

My Brother's Face: Portraits of the Civil War in Photographs, Diaries, and Letters by Charles Phillips and Alan Axelrod
A gallery of 80 portraits of American citizens caught up in the war, from a Washington society woman who spied for the Confederacy to a Northern family fearing for their relatives in the South