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Fire from the Rock

In order to make it easy for teachers and students to participate in On the Same Page, the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County will provide copies of Fire from the Rock and The Soloist to schools. Teen Librarians from your local branch library are available to present book talks or lead discussions in the classroom. To get involved, follow these steps:

  • Teachers who would like multiple copies of Fire from the Rock or The Soloist should have an active Educator Card from the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. For information about obtaining or renewing an Educator Card, please contact your local public library or Circulation Services at (513) 369-6913.
  • Contact Teen Librarian Martha Camele by phone (513-369-6941) or email to reserve a collection of books for classroom use (maximum of 50 books per request). Teachers are welcome to pick up their collections at any of our library agencies.
  • Look for related programming at library locations in February and March, including a contest for classes who read Fire from the Rock! Deadline February 13.

Ohio Department of Education Academic Standards & Support Material

Reading with On the Same Page will address benchmarks for the following standards for grades 7-12:

English/Language Arts Standards (grades 7-12)

  • Reading Process: Concepts of Print, Comprehension Strategies and Self-Monitoring Strategies (all benchmarks & indicators)
  • Reading Applications: Literary Text (all benchmarks & indicators)
  • Acquisition of vocabulary (all benchmarks & indicators)

May also include assignments that address benchmarks from the following standards:

  • Writing Processes
  • Writing Applications
  • Writing Conventions

Social Studies Standards & Benchmarks for Fire From the Rock (grades 10 & 11)

Grade 10

  • History
    • Identify major historical patterns in the domestic affairs of the United States during the 20th century and explain their significance.
  • People in Societies
    • Analyze the influence of different cultural perspectives on the actions of groups.
    • Analyze the consequences of oppression, discrimination and conflict between cultures.
    • Analyze the ways that contacts between people of different cultures result in exchanges of cultural practices.
  • Government
    • Analyze the evolution of the Constitution through post-Reconstruction amendments and Supreme Court decisions.
  • Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities
    • Analyze ways people achieve governmental change, including political action, social protest and revolution.
    • Explain how individual rights are relative, not absolute, and describe the balance between individual rights, the rights of others, and the common good.

Grade 11

  • People in Societies
    • Analyze how issues may be viewed differently by various cultural groups.
    • Identify the causes of political, economic and social oppression and analyze ways individuals, organizations and countries respond to resulting conflicts.
    • Explain the role of diverse cultural institutions in shaping American society.
  • Citizenship Rights and Responsibilities
    • Evaluate various means for citizens to take action on a particular issue.
    • Explain how the exercise of a citizen's rights and responsibilities helps to strengthen a democracy.

Additional Resources

Fire from the Rock

The Soloist