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Want more information?

The publisher Scholastic's website has games and discussion questions, as well as other resources for readers of The Hunger Games.

The author's website includes an interview and information on her other books.

There are many websites with wilderness survival tips and woods lore.

The official U. S. Army survival manual is packed with information. Or try another survival manual geared toward kids. Discovery Channel has a Discovery Survival Zone on their website with lots of tips. Survival Topics has a commercial slant, but includes articles on lots of interesting topics, including how to hide in plain sight or how to make your matches waterproof. The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has a Kids and Educators page with lots of links to wildlife information and to scouting and orienteering groups. Wilderness Survival Skills includes articles on many survival topics. The Sergeant Safari survival quiz is a fun self-test, though there are ads on the site.

Many of the sites in the Animals & Nature section of our Sites by Subject web guide include related information. The Ohio Division of Forestry maintains a website describing the native trees of Ohio. The Ohio Public Library Information Network has a site dedicated to identifying trees by leaf, name, or fruit type. Ohio University maintains a website on edible plants.

Audubon is a great resource for all things concerning birds, and the Ohio Division of Wildlife offers a beautifully illustrated website devoted to Ohio animals.

Want to have some adventures in the wild yourself? Explore the Outdoor & Adventure Travel page in our Sites by Subject web guide.

Or would you rather explore books? Our Research Databases: Books & Literary Criticism offer you many ways to find good reads, including science fiction of the same type as The Hunger Games. Members of the FictionL listserv suggest Science Fiction Titles for Those who Think They Don't Like Science Fiction.

And if you're curious about how we chose The Hunger Games, read the Enquirer article about this year's On the Same Page selection.

Cover of The Hunger Games