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Dark secrets lie beneath the perfect civilization of the future, and a lone woman warrior tries to bring down the regime.

Blade Runner
In 2019 Los Angeles, a policeman tracking a group of cybernetic rebels faces growing doubt about his role as a government enforcer.

Death Race
An innocent man who was framed for his wife's murder participates in a death race to win his freedom.

District 9
Exciting storytelling and moving allegory combine in this story of aliens being resettled in South Africa, and the middle manager who accidentally becomes involved in resistance to that action.

Fahrenheit 451
Based on Ray Bradbury's classic novel. A fireman who is in charge of burning books finds himself having to choose between his safety and intellectual freedom.

A man attempts to “pass” in a society obsessed with genetic perfection, in order to achieve his dream of space travel.

Logan's Run
In the year 2274, the inhabitants of a city live an idyllic life, until they are terminated at the age of 30.

The Lord of the Flies
Based on William Golding's novel about a group of boys who resort to savagery when they are stranded on an island after a plane crash.

In a world where the government has total control over its citizens, Winston Smith commits the crime of falling in love. Based on George Orwell's classic novel.

Soylent Green
In 21st century New York, the citizens rely on a substance called soylent for food. As a police officer investigates a murder, he learns the terrible truth about the real ingredients in soylent.

Roman slave turned gladiator Spartacus leads a slave uprising that threatens Rome's status quo.

The Terminator and its sequels
In a grim future society, a man becomes the rallying point for a resistance movement; so a cyborg assassin is sent back to the past to kill him as a boy. A tense chase and an ever-changing battle to survive are the basis for this action series.

The Truman Show
Insurance salesman Truman Burbank realizes his entire life is a reality TV show.

28 Days Later
Survivors fight to stay alive after a virus turns the world into a desolate wasteland.

V for Vendetta
In a futuristic, totalitarian Britain, a young woman is rescued by a masked man known as “V,” who sweeps her up in revolt against oppression.


Television series focused on 48 people who are stranded on an island and their struggles to get out alive.

Man vs. Wild
Survival expert Bear Grylls visits remote locations and shows viewers survival techniques.

The Prisoner
Mysterious forces abduct a man from his London home and imprison him in a mysterious place called “The Village” in this allegory of totalitarianism and resistance.

Popular reality television show where contestants compete to outwit, outplay and outlast each other in various remote locations.

Survival expert Les Stroud tests himself in some of the most remote and extreme environments in the world by stranding himself for seven days and filming his journey to survive and escape.

Cover of The Hunger Games