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The Alex Foundation is Dr. Pepperberg's website about the Avian Learning Experiment. There is a facebook page for the foundation as well.

There have been many feature stories about Alex, including stories by NPR and Science Daily. Among the articles that appeared when Alex died in 2007 are a couple of obituaries from The New York Times, and one from MSNBC.

You can find many more articles about Alex or about animal studies by using our indexes to popular magazines and scholarly journals. If you're connecting from home, work, or school, you will need a valid library card and PIN.

For more information about parrots, try the World Parrot Trust website.

Psychology Today, Science Daily, and Science Update all have animal behavior pages.

Explore the websites in our Sites by Subject index. Among the resources on animals, try Animal Diversity Web, Animal Pictures Archive, and Animal Network.

You'll find links to Alex videos in the View It section of this website.
Alex & Me